6 Absolute Free Ways to Lose Fat

Not every one has the money for weight loss supplements or programs…

So here are 6 free ways to burn more fat/boost fat loss.


1) Water

Water is essential to metabolize stored fat into energy and the body’s metabolism can actually slow down by a relatively mild level of dehydration (R). Water is also a appetite suppressant.

By drinking just 500ml of water can increase metabolic rate by 10-30%, which leads to extra calories burned. Between ~100 extra calories are burned from the thermogenic effect (R). Drinking 1.5-2 liters a day will result in a net of 200-400 calories burned over the entire day (R). About 40% of the thermogenic effect comes from the body warming the water, so the colder the water, the greater the thermogenic effect (R).

Just be sure to drink a minimum of 500ml at once, as smaller doses might not have the same effect (R).


2) Sleep

Good quality and quantity sleep is associated with health, higher testosterone and greater fat loss. Missing out on sleep is stressful to the body, and stress can limit weight loss.

Getting the right amount of sleep each night will enable you to lose weight optimally.

As seen in this study, it was observed that there is a significant positive relationship between sleep duration and quality of the sleep with the loss of body fat.


3) Eat less

Obesity is associated with eating way too much. All the weight loss programs begins with cutting your calories.

Eating less will result in fat-loss and might even save you a few bucks.


4) Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is something I myself do. It does show to boost fat-loss compared to not doing intermittent fasting. It also has lots of other health benefits which include aiding in muscle building/lean bulking.


5) Be more active

Being more active will increase the calories you burn. I guess it’s not entirely free as it will cost you your time, but it’s one of the best things to invest your time in. Being active doesn’t have to be done in a gym, it can even be done by going for a walk, riding a bicycle, swimming or any kind of activity.


6) Cold exposure

Being in a cool environment will make your body produce heat. This happens by the shivering of the muscles and fat is used as fuel for the muscles during that time.

Cold exposure, even at 22°C results in an increase in fat utilization and fat oxidation by the muscles induced by shivering (R). Prolonged cold exposure will be the best, but a quick, cold shower will also have an effect.



These are all great and effective ways to implement fat-loss for free. However, losing fat and staying lean is really all about following the correct meal plan and staying consistent with it for optimal results.

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