Chicory root

If you’re looking for a coffee substitute with lots of benefits and no negative effects, then you’re reading the right post.

I myself use to drink lots of coffee and don’t get me wrong, ground coffee is healthy, but if you’re looking for something different, this might be it.

Chicory root coffee is a natural caffeine free, gluten free drink. It still has that coffee taste, but without the addiction and it’s got lots of benefits.

Few benefits that chicory has:

  1. Tumor inhibiting activity
  2. Anti-allergic activity
  3. Sedative effect – which will help you be calmer and more relaxed
  4. Increases appetite – if you have a problem with that, but it won’t make you want to binge on everything. It increases appetite to a healthy level.
  5. Shows a pain relieving effect


Insulin sensitivity & fat burning

Chicory consumption increases adiponectin levels. Adiponectin increases insulin sensitivity as well as free fatty acid oxidation in skeletal muscles. So it will assist your muscles to burn more fat.


Digestion & laxative

Both the chicory root and the beverage aids in digestion. If you have a slow digestion, tend to get bloated, have flatulence and so on, this will help.

After your food is digested and absorbed, you want to excrete the waste product in the loo. So if it’s a struggle to go to the toilet, this will help. Chicory root coffee increases bowel movement (study) as it has a laxative effect. So that’s two birds with one stone.


Anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidants

Inflammation lurks around every corner. Free radicals and toxins in your body cause inflammation. And it’s quite inevitable to try to prevent getting any free-radicals in your body. What you can do however is to live a healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet, and add chicory root coffee to it.

Chicory has anti-inflammatory compounds and thus lowers inflammation. The extract is even used against migraines, arthritis and more (study).

It is also rich in natural antioxidants which fight against inflammation, free radicals and other toxins.  These antioxidants scavenge reactive free radicals, boost the endogenous antioxidant defense system (immunity), as well as antioxidant enzyme genes (study).



The root contains 40% os inulin fiber. Inulin is a natural occurring polysaccharides which is a soluble fiber that ferments in the gut to provide healthy gut bacteria (microflora). And healthy gut bacteria will keep your digestive system healthy and well.


The best part is that there is no toxicity or side effects at high levels, so you can drink all you want with this kind of coffee.

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