Do I need to be in a caloric deficit in order to burn fat?

Conventional knowledge and just common sense tells us that we need to eat less in order to lose weight.

But take note when I say that there’s a secret to it.

There is actually more than one factor that plays a role in fat loss…

First off, you need to eat optimally. If you don’t have energy for anything, how will you be able to be active, or even have the motivation to prepare a healthy meal?

See the thing is, the body stores toxins in fat cells. So when you decide to lose weight, your body utilizes those fat cells. You then poison yourself because of the toxins that are released back into your bloodstream, making you feel sick and without motivation or energy. Plus, being in a caloric deficit lowers your testosterone. A healthy diet containing all your minerals and vitamins with tons of antioxidants are what you need to help your liver and kidneys to function optimally in order to excrete all the toxins out of the body and for your body to function optimally for energy, repair and so forth.

Secondly, you need to be active. As from the first point, if your not eating optimally, this will be a bit hard as well as negative to your body. But…fat-loss can happen two ways. You can either eat very little food so that your body has to use it’s fat as energy, leaving you with tons of toxins and no energy or motivation… or you can eat enough (by enough I mean only healthy foods) and be very active. And being active burns a lot of calories. So by eating more, you’ll have more energy, motivation and won’t feel poisoned. This is a much better option in my opinion. But not everyone can be very active all the time, and there’s also the danger of over eating. And yes, you can overeat on healthy foods and can actually get fat from it. So we need a balance.


Third is the secret.

Intermittent fasting & being active (preferably weight training).

With intermittent fasting you can actually eat maintenance calories(maintenance is when you eat a certain amount of calories in order to stay at the same weight. It’s too much to loose weight but also too little to gain weight), lift weights, lose fat and add muscle all together. It’s almost too good to be true, but it is.

So we want to eat optimally (natural whole foods to get all our minerals and vitamins), be optimally healthy with tons of energy and motivation, while not getting fat, meaning we get to eat enough and don’t have to be in a caloric deficit in order to achieve fat loss.

Being active – 30-60min a day is quite sufficient. I spend 4 days a week lifting weights for about 45-60min and that works best for me.

Next we have to combine it with intermittent fasting. Restricting our ‘eating window’ to 8 hours a day with only three meals.

Fact and not fiction

In this study, one group of people consumed maintenance calories (2800 calories a day) and lifted weight three days a week while only consuming calories between 12am and no later than 8pm.

Another group did exactly the same as group 1, but didn’t do intermittent fasting.

After 8 weeks, group 1 lost 16.4% bodyfat and gained 0.86% muscle while group 2 lost only 2.8% body fat and gained 0.64% muscle. That’s a pretty big difference.

For me, intermittent fasting is one of the best tools I use to stay lean, and I know it will do wonders for you too.

Fasting 16 hours each day is really no big deal for so much benefit, and your body can adapt quite rapidly to the new eating pattern if you just follow through.

If you truly want to maximize muscle and strength gains while staying lean, my Ultimate Strength, Size and Skill Program is for you.

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