Glycine for building muscle and burning fat

Glycine is the smallest, most abundant and versatile amino acid of them all.

It is found everywhere in the body, as it performs so many important tasks and is involved in so many processes.

It has a broad spectrum of anti-inflammatory (strongly lowers markers of inflammation such as TNF-alpha, IL-6 and TF-kB), cytoprotective (protects cells against damage) and immunomodulatory (boosts immunity) properties. It’s also important in the synthesis of heme (iron and red blood cells), formation and repair of RNA/DNA, maturing satellite cells, helping with the absorption of calcium in the body and increasing muscle protein synthesis by activation of the mammalian target of rapamycin (mtOR) signaling pathway.

Glycine for building muscle and losing fat

1) Glycine promotes sleep by causing peripheral vasodilation through the activation of NMDA receptors in the brain, as well as increases REM sleep and decreases non-REM sleep. Sleep is most important for proper recovery to build muscle.

2) Glycine stimulates the release of glucagon, which increases fat breakdown to increase fatty acids to be burned as energy and also increases glucose production to prevent low blood sugar.

3) Glycine helps synthesize carnitine, which is required for the transports of fatty acids into the mitochondria to be burned for energy and also increases beta-oxidation, which breaks down the fats for oxidation.

4) Glycine/gelatin is essential for collagen production and when the muscles have been injured by exercise, new connective tissue needs to be created. Supplying adequate amounts of glycine/gelatin will speed up recovery and boost muscle growth.

5) Promotes microcirculation which can supply more nutrients to the muscles for growth.

6) Increases GABA which speed up recovery post-workout.

7) Increases growth hormone release. Be sure to check out my growth hormone stack here

8) Potently lowers cortisol (R).

Start off with about 1g glycine a day and work up from there. Large doses of up to 60g in humans is safe. Humans studies using 15g of glycine (5g x3 daily) is used to significantly improve insulin sensitivity. 3-5g of glycine before bed can also aid in sleep.

Gelatin is a really anabolic food source and boosts muscle growth and fat loss to a great extent than when just normal protein is eaten. Check out that article here.


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35 Replies to “Glycine for building muscle and burning fat”

    1. Indeed, creatine and glycine both assist the mitochondria in ATP production. It would be even better to use creatine with sodium bicarbonate pre-workout. I prefer to take my creatine post-workout as that results in better hypertrophy than when taken pre-workout.

  1. Glycine a GABA agonist? Citation please! Stop parroting the broscience bullshit from anabolicmen.

    1. Yes, glycine is a GABA receptor agonist. I updated the article with the citation.
      I don’t copy anything from anyone else as I’m not interested in other people’s content and do my own research. I also don’t read anabolicmen.

      1. Can I use glycine pre workout Post workout and before bed

  2. If I use glycine pre workout, post workout and before bed at what dose do I take it for optimal benefits

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