How to boost growth hormone: Stack

Growth hormone is one of the most important growth factors if you are looking to build muscle. Growth hormone secretion is highest during the night when you sleep, and that’s when your body is able to recover and build.

This stack is designed for periods of rapid growth, when lots of muscle size wants to be added fast. Naturally, this stack needs to be used with the proper diet for maximal results.

Here is the best growth hormone boosting stack that will strongly aid in anti-anxiety (assertiveness), mental clarity, proper methylation, thyroid function, fat burning, muscle building, DHT boosting and really spike growth hormone

Growth Hormone Boosting Stack for before bed:

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17 Replies to “How to boost growth hormone: Stack”

  1. I read that lysine can also lower serotonin. When is the best time to take lysine to lower serotonin? Thanks!

      1. That was helpful. Thank you!

  2. Nice article. Would it be wise to add citruline at night? Also would this raise prolactin or estrogen? If so what could help buffer these 2 if they are an issue

    1. Hey Adam.
      Thank you. Citrulline isn’t very effective at boosting GH, but it would be no problem to take it before bed. Citrulline doesn’t raise prolactin or estrogen.
      To lower estrogen and prolactin I would use vitamin E, caffeine, a dopamine agonist and a potent aromatase inhibitor. You can search for my articles on lowering estrogen and prolactin for a more suggestions.

  3. Sorry I meant to ask would this GH stack raise estrogen or prolactin? Which products are dopamine agonists? I will read the other articles. Thanks so much.

    1. Oh, no none of the ingredients would increase estrogen or prolactin. Mucuna pruriens that’s also in the stack is very good at increasing dopamine, but I also have a dopamine article that will give you a much larger list of things that increase dopamine. Hope this helps 🙂

      1. So just to check. If you have at night you do both top and bottom part of the stack (minus macuna) and it I do it in the morning I do the top half of the stack? Just once a day either way

      2. You can have the bottom part in the morning as well if you do feel it improves your energy and well-being. Once a day should be perfect.

  4. Will boosting my growth hormone increase my height? Or is there any other strategy to increase height/reopen growth plates?

    1. How old are you? Supplementing vitamin K2 and low dose DHEA while consuming milk and meat might have the best effect on your height.

      1. I’m 26 at 5’4, but I don’t think I reached my genetic potential because all three of my brothers are taller by 2-4 inches.

      2. Some people are having success by eating 150g+ meat daily, lots of cholesterol, milk and carbs, supplementing DHEA and amino acids such as arginine and glycine before bed on an empty stomach to skyrocket GH.

  5. Is that 150g of protein or just meat? Will supplementing DHEA affect my natural production and should I take pregnenolone with it? Also can I substitute arginine for ornithine?

    1. 150g protein, which is about 700g meat, but that protein doesn’t just have to come from meat. DHEA should affect adrenal function no, since DHEA supplementation hasn’t been shown to tank ACTH, which signals the adrenals to create DHEA.

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