How to build a broad chest: Neck press (wide grip bench press)

The neck press, or the wide grip bench press, is just a regular bench press, but with a much wider grip. This allows that, when you lower the weight, the bar goes down to your collarbone, instead of to your nipple line.

You must also keep your back flat on the bench and do not put your feet on the ground but keep them bent up in the air so that your back is not arched. This ensures that the bench press isolates the pectoralis and generates much more stimulation than the regular bench press.

The fantastic stretch that it provides stimulates the whole pectoralis, but especially the abdominal head. That is the lower outer head of the pec which, when developed, will give the chest a much broader and round look as well as bring out that “lip” (by which I mean a very well developed lower chest). Without that lip you will look flat chested even if the belly of the pec is developed from regular bench press. Regular bench press will also not give your chest that round and broad look. Only the neck press and the wide grip dips will do that.

How to do the neck press


Start out light as you don’t want to hurt yourself. After you feel that you have mastered the technique, you can start to add more weight. Remember, the stretch and the contraction is much more important than how much weight you can put on the bar. Also, with this exercise I advise you to do it slowly, 2 seconds down, slight pause at the bottom (no bouncing), and 2 seconds on the upward movement. Visualize what part of your chest you are working with this exercise and how you want your chest to grow/develop from it. That is how you shape, grow and define your muscles.

Do about 8 reps on this exercise, and rest no longer than 60 seconds during sets.

Try it out and let me know how it worked for you. Remember, start with low weight…take it slow, and don’t hurt yourself. If you do it correctly, you won’t hurt yourself. The bit of pain you will feel during this exercise is new growth being stimulated.

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