High testosterone trademarks

Why a man wants to have high testosterone, and why it’s more than meets the eye.

Androgen levels play a huge role in your development since birth. Not just in muscle, but also in facial structure, cognition, mentality (way of thinking), etc…

A few other benefits of testosterone include:

  • Better insulin sensitivity (1)
  • Greater bone mineral density (2)
  • Anti-inflammatory (inflammatory cytokines inhibit gonadotropin-releasing hormones)

Is it possible to spot someone that has high testosterone? Below I have listed a few features in which testosterone plays a role in the body. I have seen many times, that some people, when they’re young have high testosterone, but after a few years of negligence, their body undergoes significant changes, such as: once a thin waist becomes a thick waist, worsening of skin quality, body hair growth on shoulders and back, low muscle density, muscle weakness, narrow shoulders etc.



Face: Males that appear dominant, masculine and attractive have a significant positive correlation with grip strength (high DHT) and testosterone. Meaning, if your testosterone is high, it’s evident on your face, in a good way, they say (1).

Also, the sooner you’re exposed to high testosterone (puberty) the more your face forms in a masculine way: wider jawbones, more prominent cheekbones and chin are all signs of higher testosterone (2).

Body: When androgens are surging during puberty, it increases your shoulder width and keeps your waist thin. Whereas higher estrogen during puberty increases waist width. Testosterone also increases the thickness of your skin and the quality thereof. Higher testosterone is also associated with more muscle mass and strength, less fat mass, higher metabolism, pain tolerance and greater vascularity.

Hair growth: Testosterone, and more so DHT, are responsible for body hair growth, such as outer extremities of legs and arms, axillary hair and beard. (T is responsible for hair follicle priming and DHT for promotion of linear growth) (3)

Voice: Testosterone, together with growth hormone and DHT, increase hypertrophy of the larynx and decrease the vocal fundamental frequency, which increases the depth of the voice.



Androstenol/androsterone is a pheromone, which is synthesized in the testes and gives a man an attractive musky smell. Sometimes it’s more subconscious, but guys can pick it up too, and become more hostile. So the more testosterone (and DHT) you have, the better you smell naturally. I’m not so sure it’s applicable to everyone, all I know is that my wife loves my musk.



High testosterone results in being more competitive, and winners have been shown to have the highest testosterone (7). Your testosterone also increase during the competition and escalates further if you win, where the loser/competition’s T is unaffected.



Individuals who have integrity and don’t accept unfair deals, have higher testosterone (8). However, high T individuals are also less merciful and compromisable.


Less fear, more confidence, increased risk taking

Testosterone binds to the amygdala in the brain. The amygdala plays an important role in regulating emotions. Testosterone has a positive outcome such as confidence and blunts the feelings of submission. Whereas cortisol increases feelings of submission. Testosterone does not increase aggression, but rather increases the control of your emotions while being assertive and independent without the desire to control and dominate others. Behavior of control freak and dominance, aggression and mental inflexibility is associated with high cortisol, serotonin and estrogen.


Greater cognitive ability

Testosterone makes you better at learning, task recognition and verbal fluency. Higher bioavailable testosterone levels are associated with better performance in cognitive tests, memory recall and verbal memory (DHT is spatial memory) (9, 10). It also increases the feeling of well-being, as testosterone is antidepressant (11).

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