Topical Iodine to dissolve scar tissue

Prevention is always better and easier than cure, but we all have scars somewhere that we wish could disappear. It might be a wound that healed but left a bad mark or it’s a wound that never healed completely. Some scars leave a dent in the skin and can still feel sensitive, while other scars bulge out like a keloid scar.

The good news is, it is possible to get rid of those nasty scars once and for all…
One very easy trick to dissolve a scar tissue is to apply iodine directly to the scar tissue.

Iodine works extraordinarily well for wound healing, as it includes a broad antimicrobial spectrum, has a lack of resistance, is effective against biofilms and excess inflammation and is well tolerated (1). However, crude honey is even better than iodine to promote wound healing (2).

But not only does iodine promote wound healing, it actually helps to dissolve scar tissue.

Topical iodine can initiate, control and complete human scar regeneration. Within 3 days of topical iodine scar tissue starts to regenerate. Stopping topical iodine halts the process.

Topical Lugol’s iodine solution applied daily to the scar enhanced vasodilation and blood flow to the scar tissue. It also induces hair growth in and around scars. Hair is regeneration’s workhorse. A strand of hair moves purposefully in all directions under arrector pili muscle power, transporting white material (called regenate material) to different cells in regenerating areas. In addition, hair repeatedly self-amputates, which may be an important part of tissue strengthening and scaffolding (3).

A case report in this study completely regenerated a very large 50 year old scar in 18 months (4).

Innervation of scar tissue is also essential, but using only iodine was sufficient to completely regenerate scar tissue.


My own experience

I started applying one drop of Lugols iodine to a deep scar I had on the inside of my lower leg, about 5 inches above my ankle, that was more than 10 years old. The scar tissue was white and still sensitive to the touch. After the first iodine application, I started experiencing a deep itch which left the scar feeling rather sensitive. The itch disappears within about 5-10minutes. After about a week of daily application, I could literally see how the size of the scar tissue was shrinking. The sensitivity also reduced during this time period. After about 2 weeks, the top layer of the scar tissue peeled off and I had new skin underneath it. I also experienced new hair starting to grow out of the scar, just like the study above stated. There is now no more dent where the scar was, but the scar area is now red, indicating enhanced blood flow and regeneration.

Because the iodine can be drying to the skin, I also apply honey to that area about 1 hour after the iodine application. The honey helps to keep the tissue hydrated and provide nutrients for the healing process.

I also applied topical iodine to other scars that were only shallow cuts. I also experience intense itching with these scars and after a few days the scar starts to peel off, almost like dandruff, and this continues over time until there is no scar left.

I used Lugol’s iodine for topical application.

For a fresh wound, I would advise applying raw unfiltered untreated honey to it, but for an old scar, topical iodine and honey can work wonders.

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  1. Pictures? Did u leave the iodine on or rinse it off after a period of time? Pls reply.

    1. Hey. I forgot to take a before so it won’t help if I post a after pic now.
      I left the iodine on for as long as it took before it faded away completely. I applied a drop to the scars every evening. I also used a little honey to hydrate the skin on that area.

  2. How long did it take to fade away? and how long did the redness persist?

  3. Hi Hans,

    May I know what brand of Lugols iodine did you use for application?

  4. Microneedling the scalp and using iodine for better recovery/hair growth?

  5. Would this work for stretch marks after weight loss?

    1. Possibly yes. Topical progesterone might also be helpful on new marks. Make sure your diet is rich in milk, egg yolks and oysters.

  6. I applied Lugols iodine to my bug rounded scar twice a day for about a 2 weeks. Each time a layer peels off, and a lot of it peeled off, I feel like there’s still scar there. Is that the same with you? How long did it take for your scar tissue to be completely gone? Thanks.

    1. Hey man,
      Same happened to me. It takes a few weeks/months for complete healing to take place. I’ve done it for a 2-3 weeks and then ran out and I didn’t buy extra. But in that time I did get good results.

  7. Hi Hans. Is the hair growth permanent? Or will it go away eventually? Thanks.

    1. It should be permanent unless some underlying metabolic disorder causes it to fall out again.

      1. Even at a place where there used to grow no hair? For instance, if I use this method on a scar on my forehead, will I get permanent hair growth there?

      2. It shouldn’t cause hair growth where there isn’t supposed to be hair.

  8. Hi Hans, thanks for this. How long should I keep the application going? As in, when do I know the skin is fully regenerated? I am treating acne scars with this approach and I’m unable to decide how long I need to keep doing this.

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