Top 3 chest exercises you can do at home without weights

You don’t have to go to the gym to be able to do a great chest workout. The chest can be stimulated through three angles and through compound and isolation movements. So it would be best to stimulate the chest with each of these factors in mind.

At the end of this article, there will be an example workout that you can use to train your chest effectively at home without weights.


1) Push-ups

Push-ups are the easiest thing to do at home or any place really that can stimulate your chest greatly. It’s also really easy to progress with the push-up to make it more difficult. You can start by doing a push-up with your hands higher than your feet, and then progress with your feet being are higher than your hands.

You can also start doing the one arm push-up with the same progression as mention above.

Then there are a wide variety of push-ups that you can do, from wide grip to putting your hands close to one another or having your hands point backward, all that can be utilized to strengthen the muscle from all angles.

Doing pushups between two chairs is also a great way to get a nice stretch on the pecs and to make the exercise more difficult.

You can really get creative with the push-up.

You can aim to do at least 15-20 reps, before progressing to a more difficult variation. The chest also adapts very quickly to bodyweight training and can be exercised 3 times and more per week.


2) Dips


You don’t need a dip bar at the gym to do dips. Find a corner, such as with a railing, a wall or the kitchen counter. For example, place your hands about 30-33 inches apart, and then start dipping.

The best chest stimulation is achieved at the bottom of the movement, so try to get a good stretch, but not so much that you hurt yourself.

If you are not strong enough to come all the way up, only do the bottom 10-12 inches for a few reps. Do more reps as you get stronger and progress to doing the complete movement. It might be best to do this exercise first in the workout, because if you’re too tired, your form might become too sloppy and you won’t be able to do enough reps.

If you’re already strong in this movement, it can be the second or third exercise that you do, so that you are already tired and will only be able to get 12-15 reps.


3) Water bottle press and flys

You can actually make your own weights at home. It can easily be done by using 5 liter water bottles, by filling them up with water or dirt or something heavy. Then you can use this weight to do bench presses and flys.

When doing flys, remember to bend your arms slightly to reduce the risk of injury. This movement can also be done slowly and controlled to increase the difficulty. Keep constant tension on the muscle during the exercise, and squeeze your pecs together at the top.


Workout example:

  • Dips: 12 reps
  • Push-ups between chairs: 12 reps
  • Water bottles flys: 12 reps

Repeat this cycle 2-4 times per workout and 2-3 times per week depending on your current fitness level. You can also do more, but try to increase the difficulty by squeezing your muscle at the end of each contraction, doing the reps more slowly and resting shorter between exercises. When done like this, only 2 cycles, and 3 at most, will be needed for optimal chest stimulation.


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