Top 3 shoulder exercises you can do at home without weights

If you want to build muscle but you don’t own any weights/equipment to exercise with or can’t go to the gym, either because it’s too far away or costs too much, then this article will benefit you greatly.

Luckily there are a few exercises you can do, in the comfort of your own home, to make your shoulders grow. Training shoulders without weights might seem like the hardest thing to do, but it is indeed very do-able. Here are three examples of exercises that you can do to stimulate your shoulders maximally without having to use dumbbells, barbells or cables.


Handstand push-up

First and foremost is the handstand push-up. If it’s too difficult to do, start with your feet on the ground and your butt in the air. Now drop down so that your nose almost touches the ground and then push up again. To increase the difficulty, put your legs on a chair until you’re able to put your feet against the wall behind you. To make the exercise harder, do it between two chairs, so that you can drop down even lower and put more tension of the shoulders. To increase the difficulty even more, you can invest in a weight vest to add extra weight to the exercise.


To make the exercise more exciting, do the handstand push-ups without your feet touching the wall. Focus solely on balance and muscle coordination.


Lateral raises with water bottles

To make your own weights use 5L water bottles (preferably with handles) or bigger and fill it with water or sand. Now you can do normal lateral raises. The standard way to do lateral raises is to keep the elbows slightly bent and with the pinky a little higher than the index finger. Kind of like pouring water out of a jug grip. But this can cause shoulder discomfort in some people. An easy way to circumvent this is to lean slightly forward and then do lateral raises, but with index finger above the pinky. This way mitigates the risk or shoulder irritation and inflammation.


Reverse flies with water bottles

Lastly, with the same water bottles that you did lateral raises with, you can also do reverse flies. Bent forward so that your upper body is level with the group or up to 45 degrees elevated and then raise the water bottles out to the side with slightly bent arms.

A nice variation to this exercise is to do an external rotation at the top to engage more of the external rotator cuff muscle.




A few extra exercises you can do with the water bottles are frontal raises, upright row, bent over face pulls, shoulder press, etc, etc. There is really a lot of exercises you can be creative with by using the water bottles.

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