What most gym goers (and even elite athletes) do wrong all the time

Are you guilty of having been influenced by other’s wrong mentality or training philosophy?

Here are a few things that most people do wrong in the gym:

  • Just lift the weight
  • Only do the movements strong and explosive
  • Lift heavy all the time
  • Believe in only one style of training
  • Do only two or three exercises for a muscle group
  • Believe there is only one perfect form for a movement
  • Not do full range of motion in fear of injury
  • Think they can’t isolate muscles with compound movements
  • Train only light
  • Rest only long or only short
  • Don’t do exercises they suck at or are weak at
  • Let their egos dictate their training choices

Let me tell you now that such mindsets or beliefs such as the above are dangerous. Luckily you came across this article before you got an injury or suffered from multiple lagging points in your physique. But even if you already suffer from those, you can now fix them.

Just lifting the weight and going heavy, using only a few exercises and doing them only one way will definitely get you results, but it will leave you with stalled strength, many lagging muscles and achy joints which will progress to injury soon. I’ve been there, done that and got the weeks off due to injury.

When it comes to longevity is the gym and getting the best results possible, you got to train smart. Still heavy but utilize a variety of techniques and exercises to strengthen every part of your physique, tendons, ligaments, bone, etc., to be able to stay in the game for as long as possible. This way you’ll be making progress, not regressing or maintaining, but improving into your fifties and beyond. No jokes.

Lots of young people, in their twenties and thirties, nowadays complain of achy joints, injuries, programs not working and so on. It’s shouldn’t be like that. The way I view it is that you are in your prime from your teens all the way into your fifties. There is no sweet spot. There are only consistency, passion and continual progress. Progress will never stall if you do the right program that promotes longevity consistently.

Avoid the mistakes I mentioned above, as even a little injury can set people back and that makes them lose motivation and even takes them out of the game. Don’t be that guy and do it right from the start.

That’s why I’m now offering my services, not to design you the best program (but I can if that is what you want), but to help you with your form and technique and to give you the best possible exercises to enhance your longevity that will only skyrocket your results. Side effects of my training? You only get better and beat the rest. There is no other way. Check out my physique and exercise correction service. Reach out today, stay injury free and surpass your old self.

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