Top 3 supplements to prevent exercise fatigue

An acute bout of exercise, especially high-intensity exercise, promotes fatigue by downregulating complex 2 (II) of the electron transport chain (ETC). Electrons created in the Kreb cycle of the mitochondria is transporter to the ETC, where the electrons flow from complex 1 & 2 all the way through to complex 4 and 5 to create energy (ATP).

A reduction in complex 2 activity causes a buildup of electrons at complex I and a decrease flow of electron through the ETC and thus is reduction in energy production (R).

This is proposed as one of the major reasons for the onset of fatigue.

Complex 2 of the ETC is also known as Succinate dehydrogenase (SDH) or succinate-coenzyme Q reductase (SQR), which is also an enzyme complex in the Kreb cycle. So if this enzyme slows down, not only does the ETC slow down, but also the Kreb cycle.

Firstly, complex 2 uses vitamin B2 as a cofactor so supplying more vitamin B2 can speed it up again.

Secondly, providing succinic acid itself promotes complex 2 activity and will speed up the ETC and ATP production.

Thirdly, there is an alternative to complex 2 for the electrons from complex I to flow to complex 4. It’s called an alternative electron acceptor. Methylene blue is such a perfect compound. It takes the electrons from complex I, bypasses complex II, and gives it to complex IV further down for the production of water, CO2 and ATP.

Providing these three substances will have an exercise boosting effect and prevent fatigue. I always take methylene blue, vitamin B2 and succinic before my sprint training and it really helps against fatigue.

Pre-workout stack:

Complementary to the stack above, I also always take the following alongside it:

Remember to have eaten a bunch of carbs at least 2 hours before training for maximum performance.

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7 Replies to “Top 3 supplements to prevent exercise fatigue”

  1. For the succinic acid product – don’t see an ingredient panel with a recommended serving size?

    1. Yes, it’s just 100g powder. You’ll have to measure it yourself by either using a 200mg scoop or using a miligram scale.
      Alternatively, you can look into the product Cardenosine from IdealabsDC, as that contains 200mg succinic acid and 200mg ATP.

    1. Many in vivo human studies have shown that MB is very safe in reasonable doses. The comments in that thread are completely off as those guys don’t really understand how the ETC work.

      1. Thanks, that’s reassuring. Will order some then 🙂

  2. Doesn’t MB lower spO2 immediately after taking it? If so, was thinking to supplement post workout as that seems counterintuitive for aerobic exercise.

    1. Yes, but the studies testing it use IV MB and rather large doses. I think if you were to take 1-10mg orally, it would not nearly have the same effects.

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