Home leg workout without equipment part 3

This workout is the last of the series. Part 1, 2 and 3 can be alternated each session.

Exercise 1 – Sprints – 5 sets of 100m

The longer sprints will create a greater release of lactate and catecholamine which will have a greater effect of growth hormone and testosterone release.

Exercise 2 – Pistol squats – 3 sets of 5 reps

This exercise is the equivalent to the powerlifting squat in terms of building strength. It’s also really easy to progress with this exercise and get stronger.

Exercise 3 – One leg stiff leg deadlifts – 3 sets of 8 reps

Stiff leg deadlifts is great for strengthening the lower back and hamstrings, but one leg stiff legs deadlifts are superior for improving balance and stability in the ankle, knee and hip.

Exercise 4 – Jumping rope – 4 min

You can do it any way you like. I like doing it intensely with knees up for a few seconds followed by normal jumping, and then cycling between those two for 4 minutes.

I hope you enjoy. Do this workout and let me know how it worked for you.

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