Why steroids are useless… if your program…

Steroids are the way to go if you want a great physique, right?

What if I told you that is a big common misconception?

The point of this article isn’t to try and convince you to take steroids or not, instead I want to share an important concept for you to think on for a second.

Steroids will only bring out what you currently have.

Think of how you look right now, just bigger. Would you be happy with that?

What I mean by that is, do you have great muscle development, definition and striations right now?

If not, steroids won’t give it to you. If you have bad mind to muscle connection right now, steroids won’t fix that.

If you do a bad program, improper periodization, suboptimal exercises, wrong form, etc., it won’t get better with steroids.

Think of it this way – any program works. If you stress the muscle, the muscle grows. But the body is smart and adapts. If you don’t vary things here and there (in the exact necessary places), do periodization, overloading and deloading, take fatigue into consideration, improve your mind to muscle connection, start performing exercises correctly, steroids will do nothing extra for you.

Let’s take me for example. I used to struggle to get my triceps to grow and show definition, until I started training them correctly. Then suddenly they grew and got more defined. Now I’m really proud of them, whereas before I used to be embarrassed about how they looked.

Would steroids have given me the triceps I wanted? No! It would have only brought out what was already there. It would have made my small lumpy triceps just bigger lumpy triceps. I wanted a completely developed, defined and striated tricep. To get it, I had to train them correctly.

So I want to leave you with this – I don’t care if you want to use steroids or not, it’s not for me to say what you can and cannot do. But understand that if you don’t follow the right program to stimulate the muscles correctly, you’ll still not reach your goals because just using steroids isn’t the answer. It won’t make your underdeveloped or unsymmetrical muscles go away… it will only enlarge and amplify the problem/s.

So many guys have this misconception that if they just use steroids they’ll look like the elite guys – like their idols.

Well, here is a wake up call. If that was the case, why isn’t everyone who is on steroids Mr. Universe already? It’s because the top guys, regardless of their steroid use, know how to train proper, sleep enough and never miss a meal. Consistency with the right training program beats everything else.

I see this all the time, guys just want to know what gear they’re on or where they get their gear from. Oh, but let’s forget about the years of consistently training and eating right, never missing a workout, always sticking to the diet, going to bed on time…all of that because steroids just fix everything right? …WRONG.

It doesn’t work that way where you just take steroids and end up looking like the top elite guys.

Now you might think, steroids will help me get more defined and developed like they are…

First off, do you have any idea how much steroids they are using? …A LOT… and secondly, do you know how many different steroids they use at once? Yeah, more than just two, and sometimes even 6+ with different cycles.

And then the question is, do you really want to use huge doses of multiple steroids for a few years to try to build a great physique and then stop and look like nothing 2 years later?

I’m pretty sure that’s not your goal, or at least I’m hoping it’s not. Which is exactly why so many elite guys crash between their 40s and 60s because their bodies can’t handle the chaos anymore.

But ask yourself this, because a lot of people haven’t even really thought this through…

What is your goal really? To be just big and lumpy for a few years, or big and developed with muscular definition for a lifetime?

You can achieve the second option naturally (or on steroids, whichever you like) if you train correctly, or if you train incorrectly, stay small and undefined or get big on steroids but have a terrible physique, while you have no idea what you’re doing.

So many young guys just inject themselves with steroids because they want to look good. A few months later, while still on steroids, I still couldn’t tell if they made any gains or looked any better than they used to.

I’m sure you’ve seen guys like that. Year after year they just look the same and then you’re really surprised to hear they just did a cycle, because there’s no way you could tell.
Which is partially because they don’t know how to use steroids correctly, but for the most part, it’s because they don’t know how to train correctly in order to build their body to where they want it and keep it there.

The next step for people who struggle to get bigger on steroids is to use bigger amounts and maybe even multiple steroids at once. I’ve seen this too. I’ve even tried to help these guys fix the actual problem, which was how they trained, but they just won’t listen, hardheadedly thinking they just needed more steroids.

They get terrible skin, cysts, liver and kidney pain, severe joint dysfunction, mood disorders, etc., which lead to multiple hospital visits, but they rather tolerate that than train and eat correctly.

I’ve seen this first hand… it’s not a pretty sight, and for what? Just for some extra “respect”, because deep down they have grand canyons of insecurities.

But regardless if you have insecurities or not (everyone does to a certain degree), the point is to truly identify your goal; what do you really want to achieve with your physique – and then get a proper training program and meal plan which will enable you to reach those goals. That is non-negotiable. Then it’s up to you if you still want to use steroids or not.

I hope this helps. Getting the physique you want is all about a mindset and you get it by following the proper training program and meal plan designed to accelerate your gains for years to come, which is why I designed my Supreme Lean Bulking Program to do just that.

The Supreme Lean Bulking Program is designed to bring on the gains faster than any other program you’ve tried. I know all people say this about their programs, but I’ve taken what I’ve learned over a decade and refined and distilled it and put only the most effective methods into this program. And from personal experience, I can attest to it working.

Check it out if you’re serious about your gains.

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