3 Month Training Program

Need a personalized training program that is specially and expertly tailored to your specific needs and goals?

With my personalized training program, you’ll be able to optimize your physique and fitness and get on the right track to achieving your goals. This will be a 3-month program and can be focused on weight lifting or calisthenics or both, depending on what you want to achieve.

My personalized training program can help you to

  • Lose fat
  • Build muscle
  • Gain strength
  • Boost androgens
  • Fix lagging and/or weaker muscles
  • Build a more symmetrical physique
  • Become more physically active throughout the day

I will personally create this training program for your specific needs and goals based on the answers and information you provide me within the questionnaire. It will be a 3-month training program that will take your size or strength or both (depending on your goal) to the next level.

How do we do this?

Step 1. Click on the “book now” button down below.
Step 2. Fill out the Training Program Questionnaire and hit submit once you’re done.
Step 3. I’ll get back to you within the next 24hrs with a confirmation email and the invoice.
Step 4. Once you’ve paid the invoice I’ll start creating a personalized training program for you based on the answers and information you’ve provided me within the questionnaire.
Step 5. You will receive your personalized training program, and everything it entails, within the next 2 to 3 working days of payment.
Step 6. Lastly, you’ll have the benefit of two free emails (in case you have any additional questions) after receiving the training program.

What this package Includes:

  • 1 questionnaire (and a few additional questions via email)
  • A 3-month training program designed according to your goals and training prerequisites
  • Regular tweaks where and if needed
  • Weekly email support (every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday)

$200 for the first month of coaching and only $100 for the subsequent months.


This package is $300 for a 3-month program complete with overloading and deloading cycles, periodization, and specialized exercises with personalized tweaks where and if needed.