Sigma testosterone booster: Are Fadogia and Tongkat enough?

Gorilla mind Sigma is a test booster containing the famous combination of Fadogia and Tongkat Ali, which neuroscientist Andrew Huberman first talked about on the Huberman Lab podcast. Derek and Andrew had a long conversation on his youtube channel specifically discussing this formulation. Derek wanted to make sure that he based his supplement on a … Read more

Acoustic wave therapy for erectile dysfunction: the ultimate guide

acoustic wave therapy for erectile dysfunction

Acoustic wave therapy, also called shockwave therapy, used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is fairly new but yields very promising results. Since 2015, the clinical trials using shockwave therapy for ED have increased significantly. Since the 1980s, shockwaves of different intensities have been used therapeutically in medicine. Although low-intensity shockwave therapy doesn’t have FDA … Read more