Boosting testosterone over 600ng/dl in 30 days for men over 35 with personalized coaching.



Main package

We identify your problem/s and provide a specialized plan to solve it.

  • $300 $150 for 60 min consultation
  • $500 $250 for 4x 30min calls plus all the bonus material.

How it works:

Step 1. We do our first call so that I can learn more about you.

Step 2. I share the necessary steps/material with you to get everything started.

Step 3. From there, you implement the necessary steps/material and we get in touch again after 1 week to make any necessary modifications.


Test result analysis and recommendations. This includes any test: blood, saliva, stool, urine, etc. (additional value: $100)

Personalized meal plans (with T-boosting foods) and supplement regimen (no cookie-cutter program) (additional value: $50)

6-day-a-week email and Whatsapp support (additional value: $50)

Shopping support to make sure you’re getting the right brands, etc. (additional value: $25)

What I’m going to help you achieve

As an entrepreneur/businessman, athlete, husband, and father, I know how crucially important it is to have high energy, motivation, drive, focus, libido, and sexual function, in order to thrive and be the best version of myself.

No one wants low energy, motivation, and drive in life when you have a business to run or a job that you need to do well in order to excel. Being creative, solving problems, working with clients, etc., requires (sustainable) energy, and a lot of it.

If we spend our last drops of frail energy at work, we come home frustrated, tired, and with zero libido and sex drive. We then find ourselves being lousy husband and father or boyfriend because we’ve already used up our fuel reserves.

Literally, everything goes either uphill or downhill in life. Nothing is ever maintained.
Low energy now will only get worse. And poor quality relationships (due to low energy) will only get worse. If we don’t do anything about it NOW.

This is why I live to help men like you. I want to help you achieve high energy, motivation, and drive to succeed in your professional life, as well as your personal life, with high libido and great sexual function.

Who this is for

Men who:

  • Are ready to fully commit to making the right dietary and lifestyle changes
  • Have tried many things, but need someone who can provide a very personalized approach
  • Have tried to optimize their diet themselves, but don’t know exactly where to go from there
  • Have tried a few supplements, but don’t know which ones would be best to resolve their specific symptoms and aren’t sure about brands, dosages, administry times, etc.

How quickly can you expect results?

When you address the right problem/s with the right tools, you can experience benefits within 2 days.

E.g., if you have a thorn in your foot, you’ll have pain. Once you remove it, the pain will be significantly less, but you’ll be able to tell that the thorn isn’t there anymore. And the remaining pain will resolve in the next couple of days.

That’s the power of a specialized approach.

How hard will this be for you?

Nothing sucks more than having to learn a new skill or something you don’t want to do, especially if we have no certain guidance to get us to a specific goal.

Since I’m super effective with everything I do (read: lazy), I optimize everything I do for the most convenience and speed, while also not being a hassle to do.

No need for a 2-hour morning routine or a 1-hour unwinding routine each night. No need to buy 20 ingredients for 1 recipe or 5 pots for 1 meal. My coaching is all about simplicity and effectiveness.

My Guarantee

I can guarantee you that my advice works, but what I can’t guarantee is what you’ll do with your time.

Would you like to get started right away?

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