Low testosterone can make you feel less of a man

Fatigue, mental dullness and poor erections are due to low testosterone. Low testosterone robs us of our drive, confidence and well-being. No man should live with low testosterone.

Step 1

Book a consultation with me.

This includes:

  • Bloodwork analysis and a plan of action based on that.
  • A written plan of action for diet and lifestyle and future bloodwork suggestions where needed.
  • Specific supplement suggestions, dosing and links to the best supplements.


Jump on a call with me


Get a custom plan


Implement and get results

Let me ask you a few questions

Are you feeling more tired than 5 years ago?

Do you still have high libido?

Are the “right” supplements not working as they should?

Can you get and maintain amazing erections?

Are you still as happy, motivated and driven as you used to be?

Did you know…

Most people have no idea what a proper testosterone optimization diet looks like.

Popular google articles mention foods like kale, walnuts, goji berries and other crap!

As a result, people don’t even try. Or they might try to have a little of everything, hoping that something might work.

The end result is the same. ZERO progress!

Are you frustrated with zero progress even after trying to dial in your diet month after month?

Having high testosterone is our birthright!

No man deserves to suffer from low testosterone. Especially since we are in control our of testosterone.

That’s right, we are in control.

The problem is, no one knows what they might be doing wrong or what they might be missing that is leading to low testosterone.

Let me help you maximize your testosterone

A few years ago I too had low testosterone. I suffered from a slew of problems including anxiety, erectile dysfunction, zero drive in life, being skinny fat, etc. It felt like I was inhibited. As if I was in stasis. Nothing positive was happening.

However, after lots of research and experimentation, I was able to put together a step-by-step guide that allow me to fix my low testosterone. I also use this step-by-step guide to help other men who suffer from low testosterone. To this day I’ve helped 1000s of men optimize their testosterone as well.

How to start maximizing your testosterone

Low testosterone doesn’t just happen by itself. It happens for a reason.

The 2 biggest reasons are due to diet and lifestyle. Doing too many harmful things and doing too little of the good things.

How you can get high testosterone

Eating the right foods and doing the right lifestyle habits, while removing the bad ones.

I’m here to help you.

Step 1: We do our first call so that I can learn about your history, diet, lifestyle, medication and supplement use.

Step 2: Based on that data, I give you a personalized blueprint to optimize your diet, lifestyle and supplements. I’m not going to rehaul your whole life, only replace things here and there that will make the biggest difference. I’ll never give you things you can’t or don’t want to do. I always ask you if you would be able to implement one item, before moving on to the next item.

Step 3: You then start implementing the personalized plan of action for a few weeks. After 2 or 4 weeks, we do another follow-up call. In the meantime, you can ask me any questions over email or Whatsapp.

If you like what I offer, we can enter into a retainer relationship that will give you peace of mind.

What will happen if you don’t optimize your testosterone

Is missing out on a happy life worth it to you?

How much sex are you losing out on due to poor erections?

How many opportunities are you willing to miss out on with your children because of low energy and mood?

Low testosterone creates a lot of pain in our lives. No one should live with that frustration and pain.

Here’s what will happen when you optimize your testosterone

  • Your relationships will get stronger
  • Your sex life will become richer
  • You’ll stop feeling inadequate and start leading
  • You’ll initiate more sex
  • Your confidence will soar
  • You’ll be able to build muscle and lose fat much easier
  • You’ll enjoy life more
  • and much more!

When you follow my personalized-for-you testosterone optimization blueprint, the quality of your life will improve dramatically.

If you want to optimize your testosterone today, book a consultation.

How much is it worth to you to fix this problem?

If you knew my solution could fix your problem, would you take it? If so, why wait?


Test result analysis and recommendations. This includes any test: blood, saliva, stool, urine, etc. (additional value: $500)

Personalized meal plans (with T-boosting foods) and supplement regimen (no cookie-cutter program) (additional value: $100)

6-day-a-week email or Whatsapp support (additional value: $150)

Shopping support to make sure you’re getting the right brands, etc. (additional value: $50)

P.S. Limited spots available. I only take 10 new clients per month.

Have a question? Feel free to reach out

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