Go from low to high testosterone

I equip you with the exact strategies that I used to not only get and maintain my testosterone over 1,000ng/dl, but also to double, triple and even quadruple that of my clients. I also tweak and customize these strategies to fit your specific needs and situation.

First introductory call is FREE

Step 01


In our first introductory call I help to identify your problem/s and help give you clarity (you're not doomed, there's a way).

Step 02


At the start of our coaching I set up a personalized POA (plan of action) for you based on what you can and cannot implement.

Step 03


Throughout our coaching we will be in contact and I will be there to answer your questions, give you support and make adjustments whenever and if necessary.

Check out what my clients have to say

I used to struggle to get out of bed in the mornings, had crazy brain fog, complete exercise intolerance, cold hands and feet and terrible constipation. Most of these symptoms were a 9 to a 10 out of 10 bad. After starting to work with Hans, many of my symptoms disappeared within the first few weeks. 3 months later and everything has improved tremendously. Like today, I feel amazing. Almost all the way normal. For instance, for years I couldn't enjoy any music. Any song just irritated me. Now I’m able to put on random music and actually like it. Highly recommend Hans to everyone."



Hans is a lifesaver! I used finasteride and got ED and severe brain fog. I am CFO of a big company and I was about to lose my job due to the severity of my brain fog which negatively influenced my work.

Hans was able to help reverse my brain fog so that I could keep my job! It's impossible to do important meetings with deliberating brain fog, so thanks Hans! Plus, after 2 months I have almost complete restoration of my erectile function and overall feeling really good and have much better energy."



I'm amazed by how fast I started getting results after implementing Hans' advice. Within 4 weeks I've gained 3kg without my waist getting bigger. I'm getting multiple nocturnal erections and my wife is getting annoyed by how horny I am lol. Overall I'm feeling very good and more androgenic than I've probably ever felt before. I can recover from workouts, I can be highly active without feeling drained, and I feel energetic enough to take on any task and do what's necessary to grow my business. This has been amazing and I look forward to continue working with Hans to always make sure I'm in top shape."



Before working with Hans, I had zero morning wood, and could only get semi-erections. After we made some dietary changes and added specific supplements, things improved massively. My sleep improved, I got morning wood like clockwork, erections are strong and reliable and I even get erections when sexting with my girlfriend. I couldn't be more happy. Hans is my go-to-Goku"



Despite eating what I thought was a good diet and implementing many bio hacks at 41, I felt good, but my libido was gone and I had ED. Hans quickly identified the missing piece and with one change I was able to see significant improvements. I'm looking forward to continuing working with Hans and get myself into the best condition ever. "



I used to be overweight and got bariatric surgery a few years ago. This solved the weight issue, but I started to suffer from low energy, low temperature, fluctuating mood and zero libido. Hans had me add certain foods to my diet and almost immediately my energy, mood, and temperature all improved significantly. Hans definitely knows what he's talking about!"



I became a diabetic a few years ago and lately was able to dramatically improve my blood sugar with diet. However, I still had ED and so I reached out to Hans for help. Hans helped me make some final changes to my diet and gave me an ED stack and I started seeing results within 1 week. Highly recommended!"



I suffered from ED and I was going to get married in a few months, which gave me severe anxiety, due to the ED. Hans helped me identify what was causing the ED and gave me a stack that completely fixed the ED. Now I have nothing to worry about! Thanks Hans."



I suffered from anxiety, poor mood, unrefreshed sleep and also had cold hands and feet. Hans had me make slight dietary changes which almost immediately cured my low temperature and cold extremities. When my temperature was normal, so was my mood and sleep and my anxiety was gone. It's amazing, thanks Hans."



"I came to Hans for general male optimization. Since I'm in my 70s, I was already suffering from most low testosterone symptoms: low energy, low muscle mass, lack of morning wood, poor sexual function, etc. Because of my age, I was quite sceptical and didn't think I'd be able to benefit much from his coaching. But boy am I happy to be wrong! Not even two months later and just about all my low T symptoms are gone! It rather feels illegal to feel this good at my age. My morning wood is back, my sexual performance is that of a young stud and I'm back in the dating game with ladies much younger than myself; something hard to believe possible at my age. I even feel younger and stronger than I did even 20 years ago. Too hard to believe right?! My only regret is that I didn't have Hans to work with 20+ years ago... So to whomever is reading my testimony right now, stop procrastinating and start working with Hans to get your life in order. Otherwise you'll regret not doing what has to be done and living an alpha energy life."



Check my pricing options

Introductory call


This is a once-off free introductory call where you can give me some background and info on what you need help with.

15min free call
Problem identification
Specialized insight
Test recommendations

30 day consultation


Best subscription option for month-to-month coaching.

1x 30-60min call
Bloodwork analysis
Specific test recommendations (if needed)
Personalized POA (diet & lifestyle)
Supplement and dosage recommendations
Links to the best supplement choices
WhatsApp support
Unlimited free access to the TestoTribe forum

3 month T transformation


This is a 90 day coaching package where I work with you to transform and optimize your T levels.

3x 30-60min calls
Bloodwork analysis
Specific test recommendations (if needed)
Personalized POA (diet & lifestyle)
Supplement and dosage recommendations
Links to the best supplement choices
WhatsApp support
Unlimited free access to the TestoTribe forum

Why WhatsApp

As WhatsApp is one of the most commonly used communication apps out there, and is also an app that I personally use and prefer, it's so much easier to have quick and easy conversations, answer questions etc., instead of having to answer a load of lengthy emails, which takes up way more time. As a general rule, I will always try my best to respond to you within 24hrs.

Quick questions

Whenever you have a question, you can easily just send me a message (text or voice note) and I will get back to you asap.

Motivation and support

WhatsApp makes it super easy to be able to communicate whenever you need motivation and support. I want my clients to succeed, and that's why I try to make it as easy as possible.


If you have any questions about food, a specific brand or product, you can easily send me a photo for analysis.

N.B. No POOP photos.

How my WhatsApp support works


We will only correspond via WhatsApp for the duration of your coaching package. Once your coaching package has expired, you can choose whether you want to continue coaching or not for further assistance.


You're welcome to send me messages at any time of the day and I will respond asap.


I am available 6 days a week (excluding Saturdays). You are still welcome to send me a message that day if necessary, which I will then reply to on Sunday.


  • NO calling me on WhatsApp.
  • My clients always come first, but I also have to give my best to everyone and can't always reply immediately. So please be patient and don't overwhelm me with too many messages at once.
  • And last but not least, NO POOP photos.

Low vs high testosterone

These are some of the main symptoms which will indicate whether you have high or low testosterone

Low testosterone

70-80% of men worldwide

Feel nearly invisible

Feel socially awkward

Unstable relationships

Feel overwhelmed in stressed situations

Low libido

Poor sexual performance

Low confidence and self-esteem


Body fat > muscle mass

High testosterone

20-30% of men worldwide

Stronger attraction to and from the opposite sex

Healthy relationships

Cool and calm in stressed situations

High libido

Good sexual performance

High confidence

Good leadership

Deep life enjoyment

Muscle mass > body fat