I empower men worldwide to take their health, well-being, physique goals, mood, cognition, sexual function, hormones and neurotransmitters, and ultimately their lives, to a whole new level – Through nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle changes, proper training (if desired) and more!

What I can help you with

Testosterone / male optimization and everything that’s related to that:

  • Libido and sexual function
  • Erectile function
  • Energy and mood
  • Optimizing sleep
  • Slow metabolism
  • Analyzing blood tests
  • Creating meal plans
  • Identifying missing links or toxins that cause low testosterone

My Coaching Packages

One-time calls (can be booked below):

  • 30 min: $200
  • 60 min: $400

Longer-term coaching

Fixing a problem takes time and needs consistency. My clients that get the best results talk to me at least x2 per month for 3-6 months. That’s why I offer long-term packages.

  • 2x 30min per month for 3 months: $1200 ($400 per month)
  • 4x 30min per month for 3 months: $2100 ($700 per month)

If you’re interested in one of these packages, contact me below and I’ll send you the invoice, questionnaire and link to schedule calls.

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Why I don’t offer coaching for women

Both my wife and I work together – I specialize in helping men and Anya specializes in helping women. However, due to limited time availability, she is busy transitioning to online eBooks, programs, and courses and does not offer personal coaching for the time being.
Neither my research nor my practice is focused on women. I function only as a specialist in the field of men and not as a “GP” for both men and women.

What people say about our calls

Great experience

Rated 5 out of 5
July 30, 2022

Hans is a very knowledgeable and professional health coach and most importantly he listens and asks questions I’ve only had one call with him so far but he gave me a great plan to follow that has been effective. Looking forward to next steps

Noah seri

Fantastic Diet Advice

Rated 5 out of 5
July 22, 2022

Hans was already ready to go before the start time, hit the ground running when we started, explained lab results, covered diet changes, asked questions about energy levels, workouts and did this all in a 20 minute session. Was tremendous help after doing so much less efficient self-research and will definitely be booking again.


Insightful, focused, concise

Rated 5 out of 5
June 23, 2022

Hans led the conversation efficiently so we could cover a lot of ground in 20 minutes. He’s very knowledgable and personable.



Rated 5 out of 5
June 23, 2022

Highly recommend. Very inquisitive, engaged and action oriented. Will be booking again.

Jaesun Lee

Very knowledgeable, positive and eager to help.

Rated 5 out of 5
June 9, 2022

I will be booking again.


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Have a question? Send me a message.

Kindly note that I do not offer coaching for women. My wife works with women, however, she is fully booked at the moment and will also be discontinuing one on one coaching as she will be transitioning to digital products/courses only.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE BEFORE CONTACTING ME FOR COACHING: If you are not serious about improving your health and aren’t willing to follow my “get started” guidelines within the first month of coaching, please do not waste your or my time to contact me for coaching. I am serious about helping my clients reach new heights with their health and well-being, but if you only want to misuse my service by asking me endless questions without implementing anything, then my coaching isn’t for you.

But if you are serious about improving and optimizing your health and well-being, and are open take my advice, implement my recommendations, try my strategies and follow through to get great results, then my coaching is definitely for you and you can ask me as many questions as you like on a weekly basis.


“I was suffering from low energy, low mood, low libido, and low motivation for the last couple of years – so I decided to start working with Hans to see if his advice would help. So far I have been working with him for about one month, and I am already seeing a massive improvement in all areas. After the first week or so of his diet and supplement recommendations, I noticed a significant difference in my mood, digestion, and skin quality. I went from having only 1 bowel movement a day to now have 3 a day, and my mood/libido throughout the day seems to be higher too.

I am positive with more time and tweaking, my health will improve even more – but I am really happy with the changes I’ve personally seen in such a short time. I want to continue improving these areas, while at the same time losing some body fat. I’m at about 12% body fat right now, but I want to get to about 9% body fat while maintaining my hormones/androgens.

I plan to continue working with Hans as I coax my body slowly to a new level of leanness. Two other benefits I’ve noticed from Hans’ recommendations are that my skin quality has improved, and my voice has gotten a little deeper. I recommend working with Hans because he is extremely knowledgeable about health, writes responses in a way that is helpful and easy to understand, and has very consistent response times. If you are dealing with any sort of health issues like me, I would definitely recommend working with Hans.”

– Sivam

“I’m 2 months into my coaching with Hans. I signed up because I was experiencing low testosterone and couldn’t remember the last time I had morning wood. He adjusted my diet, gave me a daily activity check-list as well as a natural supplementation routine. Within 3 days, I woke up with morning wood and it’s now almost a daily occurrence (only 2 days out of 57 I woke up without MW). I’m happy that this is my new normal. Thanks for all the help, Hans. God Bless.”

– Nazeer

Benefits of my coaching

  • Support – I’ll help you with every aspect you need help with.
  • Save time – I’ll provide you with the best program and information there is so you can improve as fast as possible without wasting time trying to figure things out on your own.
  • Save money – By working with me and getting the results you want you’ll save a lot of money by not having to buy an array of different products in search for something that won’t give you the results you’re looking for.
  • Immediate start – After your first email I’ll ask you a few questions and then provide you with a plan of action for you to get started.
  • Guarantees – I know how important your time is and by working with me you’ll have the best methods and information available to achieve your desired goals.
    Clients who follow my advice to the letter:
    • gain  2lbs of muscle per month, at a minimum, and even up to 10lbs in a month.
    • lose at least 4lbs of fat per month and some even 15lbs.
    • dramatically improve their sleep even after the first week
    • lower their cholesterol if high
    • improve blood sugar and insulin sensitivity
    • stave off hunger
  • Accountability – You will have a higher chance for success because you will need to report back to me once a week after our first week of consultation.
  • Always best results policy – If you are not satisfied with your results or progress, we will continue to refine everything to your specific needs until we get your desired results.

Results you can expect:

  • Around 4lbs or more of fat loss per month if fat loss is your goal.
    • Although this might be slower than other people’s protocols, it’s the most sustainable and after the fat loss period you’ll be healthier, have more energy and the fat will stay off. No rebound. Some clients have actually lost up to 20 pounds in the first month, so 4lbs is not the limit.
  • >2lbs of lean muscle gains every month.
    • My clients that want to maximize muscle growth gains a minimum of 2lbs of muscle per month and some even up to 10lbs in a month.
  • Adding pounds to your lifts on a weekly basis.
    • Some add 100 pounds in 12 weeks on my programs. Any training program can get you results, but doing the right one will maximize them.
  • Achieving aesthetic symmetry.
    • Too many programs neglect symmetry. My training program neglect nothing.
  • Becoming functional and minimizing injury.
    • Training is fun, but getting an injury is not. My programs strengthen all aspects of your body to keep you in the game.
  • Increasing energy, androgens, mental capacity, and general well-being.
  • Improving health markers

Please keep in mind that I specialize in helping men only. So if you are female then you can go to my wife’s website for more applicable information.