Healthy Food Recipes

These recipes have been self-made by my wife and  I, and personally I would have to say that they taste amazing. They consist of only whole and healthy foods, with no sugars, artificial spice mixes, & no artificial carbs (such as bread, cereals or pastas).

These recipes are pro:

  • health
  • energy
  • exercise
  • mental concentration
  • optimal androgen production (testosterone, DHT & growth hormone)
  • low cortisol

I would highly recommend these recipes to anyone who would like to improve their health and diet, or even want new ideas to keep their diet healthy and delicious at the same time.


Delicious oats recipeOats'nLicious

Read here why oats is so beneficial for your testosterone.
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Liver stir-fry recipeliver stir fry
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Sweet chicken & cabbage stir-fry recipechicken & cabbage
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Sweet mince, potato & spicemince mix
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