Lean Bulk eBook Reviews

“I love your book!”

 – Adrien (18 Dec 2018, recieved via email)


“Not only your training advise but your health advise has helped me immensely.

I like your style of training and enjoy my training sessions much more now and even feel energized afterwards. It definitely fits my personal needs to keep things exciting.

Through your training I’ve regained my mind to muscle connection, and you’ve taught me how to think for myself in order to be able to be in control of carving my physique the way I want it.

I have done many other well known programs (which won’t be mentioned for protective reasons) but have learned so much more from yours because it’s easy to apply, teaches you to listen to your body and sets you up for success.”

– Andrew (11 Oct 2018, received via email)


“As someone who’s been a long time lurker, this book is remarkably helpful. The $65 price tag is high so bear that in mind, but for me it’s worth it due to the outlines it gives, the suggestions, and the sourcing of informations. Going through the forums and other facebook groups, it can be difficult to come up with a plan to follow with all of the information posted by everyone. Thanks for the info, I look forward to making some progress in the coming weeks.”

Andrewdcjr (23 Nov 2018)


“A little background, I found the forum a couple months ago and have been peating now for almost two months. I came from a lifting background that has lead me to a conventional bodybuilding diet and then most recently Keto (which I feel a lot of people coming here might be making the transition from.

I have a pretty good foundation as a former D1 athlete and deadlifting 650lbs at a weight of 180. Along with doing my best from an educational and practice standpoint with diet(even though I had lead myself down the wrong path)

When I first came here I reached out to Hans bc I saw his posts and it seemed that he was very knowledgable and has a good bit of knowledge around building a physique as well.

As someone that didn’t fully understand a peaty lifestyle he was extremely helpful helping me learn the basics and answering every possible question I could think up for what was best for me to make the improvements I was seeking (physique, libido, hormones, General well being).

I bought the plan and really can’t believe how much information it provides and has given me a totally different outlook on how I approach training, eating, and lifestyle. He has continued to help with every question I have in a very timely matter and I can’t believe the progress and improvements that I’ve made over the last couple of months.

If you have been led here from a similar situation to mine I would definitely consider the ebook and in turn having access to Hans to help, I’m certainly glad that I did and will continue to work with him and the program, only 2 months in and I feel much much better.”

Tbone107 (28 Nov 2018)


“I am really impressed by the thoroughness and objectivity of how you approach every topic. I’ve been scouring the forums, YouTube interviews and other PDFs, but this book covered all the topics I had book marked for later. It also succinctly addresses every question, provides references to support, and then has your input on how you approach the topic. Most books of this nature are overtly biased and don’t leave room for other options, but I enjoyed the fact that you highlight alternatives and provide your own anecdotal experiences.

Meal plans are also really straight forward, and simple. Again, most books attempt to make their recipes “sexy” at the expense of making them doable. So I really appreciate that.”

– Stephen (4 Dec 2018 – received via email)
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