Muscle Group Specialization Programs

These Muscle Group Specialization Programs are specifically designed to focus on and bring that one specific muscle group out that you so struggle with.

These Programs are designed to help turn your weakness into a strength.

You don’t even have to change or quit your current training program. 

What is required to get the best results from this program?

Only that you eliminate the exercises that you are already doing for that specific muscle group.
This program (whichever one you choose) will act as a specialized replacement program for that specific muscle group, and so it will be necessary to drop any exercises that you are currently doing which work that muscle group directly. 

Details About the Programs:

Each program is a 3 month cycle that will induce solid gains, so it’s not just a “short term shock program” that requires you to hope for the best.

Each program is, dare I say the F word…
Fun to do and will develop the targeted muscle from all angels and aspects.

What kind of results will I get?

  1. SIZE
    An increase in muscle size can be expected first and foremost as it is one of the biggest focuses of the program.
    Striking development is the second most important pinnacle of these programs and is guaranteed to be a big part of the gains you’ll make.
    This is definitely one of the major things that sets a great physique apart from a good physique. The main goal isn’t just to get that size and definition but also that symmetry, which is what we lack when we have weak muscle groups.
    These aren’t powerlifting type of programs, so they aren’t specifically focused on building strength. However, you can still expect to make great strength gains from these programs as a big side benefit. 

The whole point of a specialization program is to strengthen a specific, weak/lagging muscle group, or muscle groups, which hinder you from getting that impossibly perfect physique with eye-catching size, definition and most of all, that perfect symmetry.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.



P.S. If you’re thinking about getting one of my programs but you’re not so sure which one, send me a message along with a photo/s of your physique so I can help you choose the program that will benefit you the most.

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