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Like you, I’ve been subscribed to various people’s newsletters in the hope to get the best info out there on the topics that I was interested in.

And maybe you can relate, but I was quite disappointed when it felt like the quality of the info I was getting wasn’t actually worth the monthly amount I paid. Getting a newsletter once or twice a month, that wasn’t even written by the person himself really didn’t feel worth it.

And of course, there was also the marketing that was quite annoying… not that there’s a problem with people marketing their own products/service, but it’s really just annoying when it feels like a whole newsletter is crafted around just that.

As I started my own business, and later my own newsletter, it became one of my biggest priorities to create one of the best and most invaluable newsletters out there for my readers.

I wanted mine to be different and so much more than just a marketing tool… I wanted to provide my readers with valuable and applicable information that would enable them to live a better and more informed life.

I am proud to say that up until this day, my readers have only been giving me great feedback on my newsletter. Sending out this newsletter to my readers is truly one of the things I look most forward to every Friday, and my newsletter will always keep on bettering as I strive to provide my readers with valuable content.

What my readers say about my newsletter

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I love your work and your newsletter. Very informative and applicable.”

– Jared Faulk

“This newsletter communicates valuable information and utilizes effective communication principles.
I look forward to this newsletter. Keep the knowledge coming!”

– Gregory

“Love the research that goes into these newsletters, every one contains some information I was not aware of.”

– Friedrich

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Why you don’t want to miss out

  • I analyze, dissect and discuss the research you are interested in
  • I do Q&As where I answer my reader’s questions
  • I put together stacks for improving cognition, sexual function, gut health, NAD levels, and much more
  • I discuss topics on nutrition to abolish false-ness and bring you applicable advice.
  • I give vital tips on becoming an alpha energy male.
  • I provide my readers with top-notch training science and advice that actually works
  • And last but not least, I link all the new content that I released that week so that you can have easy access to it if you’re not following me on every platform.
  • This content includes my latest article, podcast, YT vid or vids, and latest Instagram post.

What you’ll gain from my newsletter:

  • Filtered and refined info on the latest science, which will give you an upperhand on all the information overload out there.
  • Knowledge on how to apply certain principles, techniques, and methods to optimize your life in many different aspects.

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