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Most of us have a muscle group or a few muscle groups that struggle to keep up with the rest. These bad boys need some extra love and attention through specialized work. The good news is, we don’t have to change our whole training program in order to do this; we only need to go the extra mile with them specifically.

I have designed five 3 month training programs for each muscle group. If you want to build an astounding symmetrical physique and want to bring out a lagging muscle group, these specialization programs will help get you there!

Quick description:

This program is the Ultimate Program that integrates powerlifting, bodybuilding and calisthenics. It contains only the best exercises and periodization for you to maximize muscle growth and strength. Maximal strength is not only achieved by lifting heavy weights, but also by being able to use your bodyweight effectively. Lastly, this program contains detailed nutritional guidelines to maximize muscle growth, while keeping the fat off.

(Version 2 now available)

Quick description:

Learn and utilize the secrets I use and have accumulated over the years from countless hours of research and self-experimentation. This program will take your gains to the next level where previous attempts might have failed. This program contains only the best methods for the fastest possible results, both with powerlifting and bodybuilding.

This program will allow you to build both the thickness AND the definition in the muscles you want, while staying lean. The mean plan is also designed to rev up the metabolism and optimize androgen production.

My motivation for creating these programs

My name is Hans, and like you, I’ve been dreaming of building the perfect body for years and years.
Every morning I would wake up to the sound of my alarm to get up and go do my workouts and just wish for the best.

I would adamantly follow one expert’s program and then another’s and another’s, but I just wasn’t getting the spectacular results that I was aiming for. The problem was, the workouts weren’t scientifically designed to maximize muscle and strength gains.

The programs didn’t have the proper instructions or meal plans on how to eat correctly and precisely in order to reach the desired goal.

I was slaving in the gym for minimal reward. 

I was really doing my best and always gave more than 100% , but the progress was so slow and it felt like my gains went hitchhiking and took a snail ride.

My friends and family would ask me, do you still lift? Even when I had just come back from a workout. Right in the heart. And with a rather disappointed sigh I’d say, “Yeah, I’m still lifting.”

I tried to cover the embarrassment with a half smile but that didn’t fool anyone.

And so for years I had been working on this mythical physique, which I wanted so bad, yet others thought I just wasn’t meant to have a great physique. Like I  was delusional just for trying.

I wanted it so bad but I didn’t know HOW to get it.

So for the next 5 years and counting I spent hundreds of hours doing scientific research and experimenting with my workouts until I cracked the code and perfected the ultimate formula to maximize muscle growth and strength gains while staying lean.

All of a sudden, like dark rainy clouds storming in after a long drought, the gains started rolling in.  People started asking me, “bro, are you on steroids?” I’d say (truthfully): “No”. And the reaction is almost always the same…”B.S. man! There’s no way… I know guys who are on steroids and they aren’t nearly as big or strong as you.”

I don’t know about you, but for me that’s one of the biggest compliments a natty guy can get. And this is what I want other men to experience as well.

I want to offer you a shortcut… a shortcut that can help you get right on the gains train without having to go through the embarrassment of not reaching your goals and wasting years and years of program hopping, hoping to find the right one.

You can get the right program today and start making optimal gains straight away. You’ll be able to have that security and confidence that when you’re doing my program, the dream of the perfect body you want is within reach and this program will help you achieve your goals.

Will it guarantee you build the perfect body?

Of course not.

Even with all the right information it’s still possible not to reach your goals. You still have to put in the work, which is still very enjoyable and very rewarding. 

But for me, I wanted not only to build a better physique, but I wanted to sculpt the perfect physique according to my specific liking.

So I’d like to invite you to join this program.

Do you have to?

No, you can spend hundreds of hours doing your own research and even more doing self-experimentation.

It will cost you a lot of money for gym membership (going to the gym costs money even if you don’t make any gains), buying other programs, and not to mention, lost time that money can’t buy. 

But ask yourself this and be very honest, have you been wanting to build your dream physique for years, and you still haven’t?
If so, it’s time to make a change.
You don’t have spend countless hours on research or self-experimentation.
I did it for you, and I can show you what lies beyond your “genetic limit”. 

Let me take the best of what I know, help you build the physique that you want, give you the support you need, and help you stop putting that dream off until tomorrow and start working on it today. 

My Programs

My programs utilize the most effective periodization for maximum strength and muscle growth while never stalling; always having the muscles ready to adapt and grow some more.

The nutritional advise is razor-sharp tuned in to minimize fat gains, while maximizing muscle growth and recovery.

While I cannot guarantee that you put in the effort to break your genetic barrier that this program offers, I can guarantee you this:

If you completely fail and make zero gains after 7 months (you won’t), what’s the worse that can happen? You’re not going to end up worse off than you started or homeless.

In fact, if you put in the work and decide this program isn’t for you, just email me for a full refund. You won’t risk anything. 

But you have to do one thing: You have to bet on yourself. If you decide that after implementing more than 10 years of my refined work… if you decide there’s even a tiny chance you could create your dream body, don’t you owe it to yourself to try?

I’d love to help you. I know you can build the body of your dreams and I can show you how.