Why TestoShake?

 Better energy ✔ Mood ✔ Stable blood sugar ✔ Drive ✔ Focus

✔ Libido ✔ Sexual function ✔ Higher androgens and testosterone

Easy to make

You don’t have to be a kitchen-savvy to get this right. It's super duper "noob-friendly".

Time effective

It literally takes less than 5min to make and can keep you satiated for 4-6 hours.


Tastes like a yummy milkshake (having whatever flavour you prefer), only with loads of nutrients and health benefits.

"TestoShake is such a lifesaver. It's amazing. 😍

It gives me consistent energy throughout the day, I feel satiated - I don't have to eat anything for 4 to 5 hours after the shake, I have improved morning wood and it's super convenient - I love how easy it is to have 50/60grams of protein in breakfast in less than 10 mins."


"I just had the first shake. Wow. Felt explosive but maybe it’s the honey and my body reacting to glucose. Also quite delicious lol"


“I'm a guy who has high calorie requirements, so I have two TestoShakes in a day. Making them is super easy, convenient and saves me a lot of time, especially since I'm on the go a lot. Not only are they energy bombs and get my mood high, but they taste f*cking great! The TestoShake has everything - good carbs, protein, fats and lots of nutrients all in one! ”
"I am in the middle of a 16 week cut and find myself getting hungrier by the day. I started fasting in the morning and slamming a TestoShake around Noon each day and, WOW! My energy levels go through the roof, I feel focused, alert, and cognitively replenished. Not too mention it makes my belly (and wife) happy. You’re the best, thanks Hans!"

4 main ingredients:

Carbs + sweetness
Natural flavouring

Everything you need all in one - great source of carbs, protein, fats and a boat load of nutrients.

All of which are necessary for optimal hormonal production.

Here's how to make it

If you have a food sensitivity to any of these food groups, here are some exchangeable options for you


Yolks only

Quail eggs (whole)


Maple syrup

Agave syrup

Coconut sugar

Any other preferred natural sweetener

Natural flavouring

Cocoa powder


Instant coffee


Cherry/berry powder



A2 cow's milk

Goat milk

Yak milk

Coconut milk

Oat milk

Almond milk

Rice milk

Have you tried my TestoShake yet?

If 'yes', I'd love to hear from you! Please leave a quick rating / review below and let me know why you love the TestoShake. Thanks!

Love it!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
August 26, 2023

So glad I came across Hans’ TestoShake. It’s amazing! Tastes damn good, and makes me feel like a goku! Thanks for all you do Hans, you’re my go-to Goku 3000!!


So much better than any branded powder shakes out there!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
August 25, 2023

Have been doing the testoshake for quite a few months now and don’t want to go a day without it! Gives me clean, stable energy for hours on end and helps me get shit done. Can definitely feel a boost in mood, cognition and strength throughout the day. Better endurance and power output in training… it also helps boost my libido, sexual performance and sleep recovery. I consider myself to be a true testoshake fanatic. 😀