The Ultimate Strength, Size and Skill Program:

Would you like to get a head turning body that radiates with power, strength and skill within just one year?

Before you even consider buying this program,
I would like to ask you two simple questions.

  1. If you were to find that this program is perfect for you would you dedicate at least a year to maximize your progress with this program?
  2. If I told you that my program could transform your strength, physique and skill, would you invest 4 hrs per week immediately?

The program that will enable you to master your body on all levels.

Finally, a program that combines bodybuilding, powerlifting and calisthenics. A program that will give you a head turning physique with the ultimate strength of a powerlifter, the size of a bodybuilder and the skill of a calisthenist.

Let me introduce you to


Plainly put, it’s bodybuilding without limits.

It represents the ultimate body, that turns all the heads and gets all the compliment, with the ultimate strength, size and skill, that will make you a expert in this field, making others crazy to know how you did it. It’s easy to become the cool kid, the magnet and the example if you simply do the right things the right way.

You can take this body with you wherever you go and use it anywhere and at anytime because it’s not subject to a gym.

So where did freestyle bodybuilding begin for me?

You now already know that my goal was to combine powerlifting, bodybuilding and calisthenics and be able to reap the benefits of all three without having to compromise the one for the other, but why did I want to do this?

Well, as I mentioned earlier, I did do some free running and a bit of parkour, tricking and so on in college, but I also wanted to build a big muscular physique, and of course, I was influenced to believe that I would have to give up the one in order to achieve the other. And so I did, and changed my focus primarily to bodybuilding and a bit of powerlifting. Yeah I built a good physique, but it wasn’t fulfilling enough for me and I missed being functional, fast, explosive and strong all over.

Needless to say, some people thought I was juicing, but I never drank no veggie juice or came anywhere close to needles.

Bodybuilding on its own is great, you get to build a fantastic physique, but once you reach that level, then what? And to be honest, so many guys are bodybuilders these days. It’s really just become so common. By now they’re really just a dime by the dozen. Nothing too unique anymore, and for me, doing bodybuilding alone just wasn’t going to make me feel like I was fully satisfied with my achievement in life. Having a spectacular physique is cool (ok, it’s awesome), but if you have to give up things you love, things that give you fulfillment, in order to achieve that one thing, then you’re really just going to miss out on life. And that to me isn’t success.

Secondly, I loved lifting heavy weights, but would never be able to be a powerlifter, because then my physique would suffer and I would still not be able to live out my whole dream and wouldn’t be fulfilled in doing just that.

And last but not least, I loved doing a bit of free running, tricking and calisthenic movements, such as the planche, front lever, V-sit, muscle up and so on, but I would not only neglect my physique if I chose to do calisthenics alone, I would also not excel in being strong over all as I would not be able to lift heavy weights, which was also something I loved doing.
I mean, who doesn’t love ripping a heavy deadlift from the ground, exploding up from under a heavy squat and blasting heavy weight back up as it touches your chest, right?!…

But to make it even more awesome, be able to hold a planche, do a human/dragon flag or front lever effortlessly?! That to me is universal strength in it’s essence – pure ultimate strength.

Now I’m so glad I followed through with my desire to become great in all three these professions. I persisted through fear and doubt, until I perfected this program and reached the goals I set for myself.

Now I can truly say I feel fulfilled in the way I workout and the with the capacity I push myself to always get better in all aspects.

Almost no one is great in all three, so why not show them it’s possible and how much the human body is actually capable of.

A heavy deadlift can make a room of people stop to stare in admiration, but being able to do a front lever and/or planche on top of that, creates total awe and amazement!

Do you know how it feels when someone eagerly exclaims to his bud:

Being extraordinary sows powerful seeds of inspiration which will cause others to want to be able to do it as well. And you can be the one who inspires someone or many others to want to do the same and realize that it is indeed possible to be great in all three.

So the point here isn’t to keep all of this to myself, or you to yourself, but to share this with others by inspiring them so we can grow this community and empower others to achieve greatness as well.
But it starts with you!

How I put it all together

From my desire to make my dream a living reality, shape my own future and become what I desired to be, I put only the best of what I’ve learned from over a decade and put all of it together in this program so that you too can excel in building a body that is in top shape 365, while you’re able able to lift heavy weights and have ultimate strength with your body, which also happens to look insanely awesome!

How does it make you feel to know that you can do this while having the comfort in mind that you’re not going to compromise in any area, but will gain maximally in all areas?

If you, like me, want to have a great physique, be universally strong, while being functional and able to do cool tricks with your body and feel light on your feet, then this program is a perfect fit for you.

What you will receive with this program:

  • An instructive 100 page ebook manual and a two phase training program. The knowledge and gains are yours for a lifetime.
  • An Excel program with progression levels that will take you to the elite level no matter what level you are on.
  • Demonstrative illustrations on how to do the movements correctly.
  • Detailed nutritional instructions on how to add only muscle and no fat.
  • Supplement recommendations to accelerate exercise performance, recovery and muscle growth.
  • Instructions on how to do the exercises correctly.
  • Instructions on how to track your progress to see how far you are from your goal.
  • What to do about an injury and how to avoid it with proper warm-up.
  • And much more

What you will achieve with this Program:

  • A proper handstand (no banana back)
  • Planche
  • Front lever
  • Back lever
  • Dragon flag
  • Human flag (although we won’t directly be training  exercise, the other exercises will have a very strong carryover effect that will enable you to do the human flag without training directly for it)
  • Incredible strength in the squat, bench and deadlift
  • A well rounded symmetrical muscular physique
  • Functionality and flexibility

This program is truly one of a kind (and the first of its kind) and you will not find anything like it anywhere else.

I want this!

For only $75 you get a lifetime’s worth of knowledge and gains. Imagine all the dollars you’ll save because you won’t be bouncing from one program to the next.



Here comes the fun. It’s good to have a vision with set goals. For instance, say I want to do a handstand for 1 minute or do a 140kg squat, etc., but if I don’t set a certain time frame in which I want to achieve these goals, chances are I’m going to postpone training it and I might achieve it in a few years, instead of a few months.

Once you set your goals for yourself and have the mindset that you ARE GOING to achieve it in this time, chances are you are going to tunnel vision in on your goals and train it religiously in order to achieve it.

Don’t think – I want to do a handstand – rather think – I am going to do a handstand.
Get in the right mindset and it will set you up for success.

Setting goals gets me very excited and makes my hands a little sweaty because I set my goals high.

Here are the goals of this program:

Visualization & Believe

I want you to see yourself doing those movements. See how you’re holding the movement, lifting the weight, etc. Feels good, doesn’t it? Now let’s get started on achieving it!

It’s very important to not start doubting yourself during the course of this program… that’s not allowed. Don’t listen to other people who might say it’s impossible and can’t be done. You can’t let other people determine what you can accomplish in life. Years ago the 4-minute mile was impossible, but once someone set the record, suddenly many others were able to do it too and even break it. Similarly, don’t let others tell you it can’t be done… follow the intense burning of passion and will power to succeed that is inside you. Surprise the world and show them that it can indeed be done. Be known as the man who accomplished all these amazing things in record time.

You have to believe in yourself and stay true to your commitment. Follow the meal plan and training program to the letter and you’ll reap the benefits.

As one of my favorite quotes says…

“You can be successful even when others don’t believe in you, but you can’t be successful if you don’t believe in yourself.”

I’ll be doing this program with you the whole time and if you have any questions or need any advise please feel free to leave a comment on my facebook page and I’ll reply as soon as I can. Asking on facebook can also help anyone else who might have the same question.

I’ll also be releasing short demonstrative videos as well as tips on Instagram regularly to help you do the movements correctly and focus on proper form. So don’t forget to follow me on facebook and instagram.

This program is a teamwork effort and I’ll be with you every step of the way.

Frequent Positive Feedback:

“I really appreciate the program, it allows a nice training volume without pushing too hard, it is rather easy for me to recover. It is varied enough to avoid fatigue and is based on solid and effective exercises to progress with optimal effect.”

Adrien L.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program for men only?



What if I have no exercise experience?

This program isn’t meant for someone who can’t or doesn’t even know how to do a pull-up, a push-up or a squat… but as long as you can do at least one of each, this program can work for you.


How many days per week and how long is each workout?

4 days a week and each workout is approx 45min.


Will I build muscle and strength with The Ultimate Strength, Size and Skill Program?

Definitely. That’s the main focus of the program.


Is the volume enough?

Because of the overlapping nature of the three training styles it might appear as if the program has less volume than other bodybuilding, powerlifting or calisthenic programs, however, the program is optimal for optimizing gains and is in agreement with the research and work of Eric Helms, Jim Wendler, Josh Bryant, Steven Low and other experts in the field of bodybuilding, powerlifting and calisthenics. So yes, the volume is more than enough and the reason why some people might think it’s less volume than what they’re used to is because most programs use too much volume which quickly leads to overtraining. Whereas mine has optimal volume for optimal and continual strength and size gains while preventing overtraining and subsequent injury.


What equipment do I need to follow The Ultimate Strength, Size and Skill Program?

You’ll need access to a gym unless you have your own dumbbells and barbells at home. You’ll also need a bar where you can do pull-ups, practice the front lever etc. 


If I need help, can I get support?

You can reach out to me via email at anytime and I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and help you out where needed.

Get your Ultimate Program so you can start today!

I want this!
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