Training programs

I believe, and science proves, that strength training benefits everyone – from the young to the old.

Not only is it very beneficial to your health, but you could also use it to sculpt your physique, decrease your risk of injury and mortality and just improve overall well-being.

I don’t believe in a one size fit all training program, and I work directly with my clients’ needs and goals when designing their program.


A proper training programs consists of the following traits:
  1. Goal focused
  2. Time effective
  3. Flexible
  4. Progressive


Focus & Concentration 

Workouts should be intense. A training session at the gym is not a social meeting. Get in, crush your workout, get out and recover. The secret to your dream physique is to visualize how you want to look and concentrate with a steel mind to perform every exercise to the best of your capacity and to feel it where you need to in a specific muscle, and you will achieve what you want.

When you look at champions, they definitely do something right. They focus and concentrate. If you need to do more than 15 sets per muscle group, you’re not concentrating hard enough. I also believe a workout shouldn’t be longer than 1 hour and that intensity is the key. Never neglect exercise form for the sake of weight. If ones’ ego is in the way, you’ll never achieve your goal.

Get a picture in your mind how you want each of your muscles to look, and then focus on that picture in your mind when doing an exercise.

Concentration, visualization and focus is the key to success.


My training programs are focused on:
  • Putting your goals first (achieving a complete well-rounded physique)
  • Manipulating sets, reps and rest in order to ensure optimal strength/hypertrophy gains
  • Utilizing progressive overloading and periodization strategies to ensure continual progress in gains
  • Ensuring enough recovery to prevent overtraining
  • Testosterone production
  • Best growth hormone release
  • Hypertrophy + strength (reps, sets, rest & frequency)
  • Overloading & deloading cycles



$55 for a month’s training program and continual email assistance throughout the month.

$100 for both a training program and a meal plan. Check out meal plans to see my different packages.


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