One of the best TRT alternatives (natural potent stack)

Low testosterone isn’t just a symptom of old age anymore.

More and more young men are starting to suffer from low testosterone, especially sexual problems.

A 2016 study in adolescents (16–21 years) found persistent problems such as low sexual satisfaction (47.9%), low desire (46.2%), and problems in erectile function (45.3%) (R).

A 2020 study found that testosterone deficiency has a prevalence of 10%-40% among adult males, and 20% among adolescent and young adult men aged 15-39 years (R).

The new thing now is just to simply jump on TRT. So simple right? Testosterone low, replace it with exogenous testosterone.

Testosterone replacement therapy is often seen as a panacea, but it’s not. Most men do respond well to it or don’t get side effects, however, there is a fair percentage of men that don’t notice anything or even get side effects from it (R, R).

But TRT is rarely as simple as just giving testosterone. Most of the time you also have to take HCG (to prevent testicular shrinkage, drop in fertility, reduction in the super important prohormones) and an aromatase inhibitor to try to balance everything. And since the root cause is not being addressed, throw in a CPAP, anti-depressant and a PPI drug as well just to cover the other symptoms as well.

And HCG and aromatase inhibitors have their own side effects to worry about.

Need for an alternative

The cause of testosterone deficiency is never talked about in TRT clinics and almost no one in the medical industry is interested in fixing to naturally.

Testosterone is low in the first place is for a reason. There are many things that can lower testosterone production, such as excess estrogen, prolactin, serotonin, inflammation and endotoxin (originated from the gut), hypothyroidism, stress, nutrients deficiencies (e.g. magnesium, zinc, fat-soluble vitamins, etc.), EMF from your cell phone in pocket, etc, etc.

All of these things I cover and show you how to optimize it in the Alpha Energy Male course.

Become an Alpha Energy Male, by maximizing your testosterone naturally

Achieving Alpha Energy status through a bioenergetic approach.

In this article, I want to show you a simple alternative to TRT that will boost testosterone production naturally.

Long dan xie gan tang

As a PCT Clomid is usually recommended to kickstart the natural steroidogenic pathway. Clomid is an estrogen antagonist at the pituitary since estrogen blunts the pituitary to GnRH signals. So in a high estrogen state, LH will be low despite normal/high GnRH.

If estrogen receptors are blocked at the pituitary, LH rises which leads to higher testosterone levels.

But Clomid has side effects, which include estrogenic effects. Despite it being an estrogen antagonist in certain tissue, it’s actually an estrogen agonist in other tissue.

Long dan xie gan tang is a great alternative since it’s also an estrogen receptor antagonist at the pituitary.

Read more about uncommon testosterone boosters here. Furthermore, Long dan xie gan tang enhances the effect of dopamine and lowers prolactin, which will also have a positive effect on testosterone production.


The main compound that boosts testosterone in product Gonadin is phytol.

Phytol increases testosterone production by:

  • Increasing the cAMP/StAR pathway, which is the rate-limited step in steroidogenesis.
  • Inhibits the aromatase, which leads to lower estrogen and estrogen-induced cortisol, serotonin and prolactin.
  • Acting on the GABA-A receptor, which promotes the release of GnRH.

Vitamin K2 (MK-4) is also able to stimulate steroidogenesis in the same way, however, doses of 100mg+ daily would have to be used, which makes Gonadin (which contains 100mg phytol (phytol and K2 were roughly equally effective)) the more ideal (and economical) option.

Furthermore, Gonadin also contains modified saturated fatty acids which potentiates steroidogenic effects.


Low thyroid hormones, especially T3, are a major cause of hypogonadism. Hypothyroidism leads to low testosterone and normal/high estrogen. This amount of estrogen signals back to the pituitary to inhibit the release of LH, which keeps you in a hypogonadal state.

So increasing the testosterone to estrogen ratio with thyroid (or Gonadin), can help to stimulate steroidogenesis.

Thyroid hormone T3 stimulates the uptake of cholesterol into the testes and promotes its conversion to pregnenolone. High cholesterol, especially on a keto or carnivore diet, is a sure sign that cholesterol isn’t been sufficiently used for steroidogenesis.

Furthermore, the testes express T3 receptors, which, when activated, stimulates steroidogenesis.

So optimizing thyroid hormone production is key to normalizing steroidogenesis. Temporarily using thyroid supplementation (for a few months or years (depending how long recovery takes)) can greatly help to optimize testosterone levels again.


Last but not least, steroidogenesis, whether it be GnRH release from the hypothalamus or pregnenolone conversion to testosterone, it all depends on proper glucose oxidation.

Check out why glucose oxidation is so important for steroidogenesis.

A lot of people have a defect/deficit in proper glucose oxidation and this can lead to low testosterone levels.

Pyrucet, containing ethyl pyruvate and ethyl acetoacetate, lowers fatty acids oxidation and promotes proper glucose oxidation.

Ethyl pyruvate is also potent anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial/anti-viral/anti-fungal, neuroprotective, hepatoprotective, nephroprotective, cardioprotective, anti-cancer, anti-septic and endotoxin blocker, immunoprotective, gonadoprotective, thymoprotective, etc.

Very awesome substance and I always feel a boost when I take this supplement.


It’s completely possible to restore natural testosterone levels, even without supplements, but I know most of us want immediate results. Diet and lifestyle is the way to go to optimize testosterone (and mostly anything else really), but supplements along the way can really help to speed up the journey.


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  1. Hi, great info thanks. Long dan xie gan tang – is composed of ten different herbs. Which of the herbs are responsible for the anti-estrogen / pro-testosterone effect please? Thanks!


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