My Story

My name is Hans  Amato and I’m the founder and author of Men Elite.


I enjoy long walks on the beach with my wife, candlelight dinners and brutal workouts. =D

My current stats are:

  • Height: 177cm (5’8″)
  • Weight: 86kg (192lbs) – lean
  • Deadlift: 220kg (490lbs) for 3 reps
  • Bench: 140kg (315lbs) for 1 rep
  • Squat: 180kg (405lbs) for 2 reps

What’s so unique about Men Elite? 

I started Natural Supremacy as a blogging website where I could give advise and share information with others.
With time Natural Supremacy became my personal online business and it’s all about me personally helping you achieve your dream physique and health goals.

How can I help you?

My question to you is, how can I help you achieve your dream physique and/or health goals.

Because I cannot personally be there to assist you in the gym, I offer specialized programs as well as email support to help you reach your goals (for more information go to need help? – contact me).

So what’s my story before Men Elite?

Growing up as a kid I always enjoyed doing adventurous and challenging stuff since I can remember. I did a bit of wrestling in primary school but I took a bigger liking to doing parkour in my free time.

My interest in weights and building muscle started at the age of 8 as I would watch my dad workout. My dad had been working out on and off for about 25 years, and at that time he had his own small gym at home where he would do his thing. I remember watching him and thinking to myself “wow, my dad’s pretty strong.” Now my dad wasn’t exactly the bodybuilding type, although he did have a few bodybuilding books which I would page through and look at. I would think to myself “these guys are huge!” (which I only later learned was mainly because of steroids), but even at that young age I didn’t really have a desire to look exactly like those guys. I mean I had a desire to get big and strong, but those guys just looked a bit too extreme for me. Yes I wanted to be big and strong with broad shoulders, a thin waist, and a big chest with muscular legs and arms, but I still wanted to be built in proportion and have a very functional body so that I could still do other things that I loved doing such as parkour and so on.

Then at the age of 14 I lost my mom to cancer. …My mom was always quite strict and tough on my older brother and me, and we were never really allowed to play computer games for too long. So when she had passed on, both my brother and I silently ‘suppressed’ our feelings by indulging ourselves in computer games. My mom was always determined to drive me into what she wanted for me, and so when she was gone, I really felt like I had lost all drive to do anything. At this stage of my life it really felt like everything was going south for me. After losing my mom I had become what I would describe as a ‘weirdo’… I had become a total introvert who just wanted to play games all the time, with a really low self-esteem and literally no friends at all.

My dad remarried a couple of years later, which was also when I decided that I had to take a step forward in my life to change who I had become. I decided that I wanted to go to a boarding school to finish my last year of school and try to make a ‘restart’ in life.
In my free time, at boarding school, I would keep myself busy with the things that I enjoyed such as parkour, being out in nature and exploring new areas, climbing rocks near the ocean and just enjoying nature.

I would usually only visit my dad on the weekends, but then one day he asked if I would like to join him in going to the gym in the late afternoons on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I was totally up for this idea and I really liked it. A lot. But soon 3 times a week just wasn’t enough for me anymore, so I started going 5 days a week instead, and for the first time in a long time, I started feeling that sense of purpose again. A feeling that had disappeared since the passing of my mom… and it was then and there that I knew that weight training was my passion.

I always had a big liking in guys like Bruce Lee who was admirably functional with his body, although he was built just a bit too small for my goal… But it was in boarding school that I was inspired by Scott Atkins… not so much by his physique, but by the fact that he was well built while still being able to do martial arts, gymnastic stunts etc. In my second year of uni I got ‘hooked’ on Mike O’Hearn’s fantastic physique and strength.

Below I have put together a few photos and short descriptions just to give a bit of a better idea of my journey and the ‘roller coaster ride’ before I discovered the style of training that works best for me and that I’m passionate about.


The end of 2015 I finished my studying and received my degree in health science. I soon got married, and it was also then that I decided that it was time to get serious with my passion… So I started my own blog so that I could start helping other men, young and old to achieve their physique and health goals.naturalsupremacy_about-journey-part2.jpg

Despite all the research I had done and all the programs and diets I had tried, I still wasn’t reaching my goals. See the thing is, the image that the bodybuilding/fitness world is portraying is totally a lie. Young guys look up to “natural” bodybuilders, like in my case, Mike O’hearn, and have totally wack expectations. I sure did.

I then rather started studying guys who were actually natural back in the day (who were against the use of steroids), and how they trained, ate, their mentality, etc… I started implementing proper training methods and techniques and bettering my nutrition, which is most needed for a natural bodybuilder, and sure enough results appeared…and quite fast.

My passion is to equip you to achieve your goals with the right mindset in order to set yourself up for success. Not only with your physique, but with the right mindset you will be equipped to achieve any goal in life. Don’t think steroids are the only way to get big fast, you can do it naturally as well, and be much healthier with no long term side effects.

My passion isn’t just about building muscle and enjoying the success all for myself, but I want to help other men all around the world who also have a goal of their own.
I don’t want fans, I’m here to be your friend and help you on this journey of success.


Thank you for reading my story and I hope that it can be an inspiration to you.
I look forward to being able to help you on your journey of reaching your goals. 🙂