Reversing old age in young men

What is Alpha Energy?

If I had to describe Alpha Energy in one sentence, I would have to say it’s that confident, fun, and fearless, alpha-male aura that can’t go unnoticed.

Having Alpha Energy is like driving a sports mustang… people know you’re nearby even when you’re not in sight, and once you’re close by they can feel you.

You don’t just look good and catch people’s attention, but you’re also fun, full of energy, and exciting to be around.

I’m sure you would agree that most of us have this deep desire to be full of life and resilience as we once were as a child.

To have bulletproof confidence so you can go talk to that girl you like, ask for that promotion you’ve been waiting for, close that deal, or just stand up for yourself or for someone else when you feel someone’s being a bully.

To thrive in life and be disciplined and consistent with your diet and feel light and energetic.

To be able to train intensely, put in max effort and recover optimally and get consistent results.

To be able to look your competition dead in the eye and not flinch.

To be able to get the day’s work done fast with energy, motivation and creativity.

To be able to have sex and stay erect for at least 1hr and be able to perform optimally every time.

To be able to live life to the fullest, be present and feel alive in every waking moment.

To be able to get a peaceful night’s rest and feel refreshed and well-rested the next morning, ready to take on another day and enjoy life yet again.

To ultimately be an alpha male with high energy.

This was exactly my desire. The problem was, I didn’t have a clue of how to get there.

The pains and shames of having low Alpha Energy

I know exactly what it’s like to have low alpha male energy. I’ve been there and it SUCKS.

You have hopes and dreams but don’t have the energy to make any of it happen.
Playing video games, smoking weed and gyming seem like the next best things to keep your dopamine and “manliness” in existence.

You know eating healthy and staying on your diet is important but it feels next to impossible to actually do it. Junk food just seems so much more tasty and easy to get and requires no effort on your part. But yet you feel yucky afterward, your training and sleep suffer even more but you just don’t have the energy to stray from the path of undiscipline.

You rarely ever feel present and even when you think you are, it’s like life has no real flavor or color to it. Life just seems dull and before you can wipe your eyes out the year has gone by yet again and you’ve made no progress in your life.

You want to stand up for yourself, but you get sweaty palms, a red face, and stumble over your words. Afterward, you hate yourself and you hate the other person and you wallow in self-loathing.
You think to yourself, “If only I was more confident, people would respect me more. People would notice when I’m in the room and my opinion would actually matter.”

You want to be intimate with your significant other, but you only get a half-chub. With much shame, you tell her that you’re not in the mood tonight. Anger and self-loathing fill your blood of the failure that you feel you are.

Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.

― Tony Robbins

A bit of a backstory

In school I was short, small, pale, I often had terrible acne outbreaks, my breath reeked, I was bullied and I couldn’t stand up for myself. I was also too shy to talk to girls, so I just stared.
In short, I was a weirdo.

In college, I started drinking lots of alcohol and smoking weed. It felt like it was only then that I could socialize with people and have a good time. When I wasn’t drunk or high, I was stressed, frustrated, lonely, and bored. I would then just play video games to make me feel good…for that bit of butt-kicking, I couldn’t do in real life. At this time I was lifting a bit and made some good gains. However, I was still anhedonic with sexual problems. Looking good doesn’t equal success. Image how embarrassing it is to look good, but being insecure, scared, and incompetent.
That’s even worse than looking the part.

After college, stress overtook me. I hated working for other people and everything bored me to death, except games, lifting, and being with my girlfriend (my now wife). Life wasn’t perfect at all and poor diet and lifestyle habits combined with heaps of stress created many many (health) problems.

Soon after getting married, my wife and I went through a stressful period for a couple of years as we had a rough start. I started to experience hair thinning, fat gain, muscle loss (skinny fat basically), hypothyroidism (cold intolerance, cold hands and feet, low energy, etc.), erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, anhedonia, mood disorders, depression, anxiety, addictive behavior, visual degeneration, food intolerances and allergies, skin issues, (psoriasis, acne, dry skin, spider veins) and very poor sleep quality just to name a few.

In summary, things were really bad. So bad that many times I questioned if I would ever be able to get my health back or if this would be my new normal. And the thought of this being my new normal was scary because I felt like I was a young man trapped inside the body of an old, dysfunctional man.

But luckily, the good news is, no health symptom has to be permanent.
Having to live in this dreadful state pushed me to really dive deep into the research, look under every rock, explore every solution, and keep on experimenting, changing, and tinkering until I found what worked and resolved my health issues.

Finally, it was like I had found the missing link to all my problems!
Through all my research, trial and error I had started to realize that every problem I had was actually a result of energy failure. I also learned that a lot of my symptoms were quite common in men around my age and that a lot of men think it’s just part of natural aging. But it’s not and isn’t even symptoms that you should be tolerating, ever.

A few years later, after having coached many men based on these exact same principles, I knew I had to create a course because all of this information is impossible to only share via coaching.
And, if I wanted to help many more men than I could possibly handle, I would have to create something that’s not limited to me. It had to be something bigger than me.

And that’s when The Alpha Energy Course was born. I named it that because this course not only focuses on fixing the origin of your health issues but also focuses on reclaiming your alpha male status by reversing old age symptoms and regaining optimal energy.

I realized that life is like a two-way escalator…you either move forward or backward, but you never stand still.
Which way are you going?

It’s sad to see how young men waste away their youthful years on a poor diet and a bad lifestyle that only rapidly ages them, and unfortunately, most men don’t even realize it until it’s too late.
Because I know how horrible it is to suffer I want to help spare other men from suffering as I did.
And if you’re already suffering, then this course will give you the solutions that helped pull me out of my black hole.

I have put every tip, trick, strategy, and protocol, that had the most effective outcome, into this course. This course will give you easy step-by-step instructions on what to do to optimize your hormones, neurotransmitters, and energy through diet, supplements, and lifestyle modifications.

My guarantee to you is that my course isn’t based on quick fixes that don’t have any long-term results… my course is based on many years of research, scientific evidence, working with clients, and ofc my own personal experience.

I was able to reach a peak state through my health journey.
I know you can do it too and I want you to join me!

Symptoms of low Alpha Energy

Everyone’s symptoms show differently, but if you can relate with at least 5 of these symptoms, then chances are your alpha energy is starting to run low.

  • Loss of motivation and drive
  • Depression and (often) anhedonia
  • Pessimism and lack of sense of humor
  • Mood swings and moodiness
  • Feeling tired/fatigued often
  • Frequently sick, sore, and inflamed
  • Insecure and fearful (lack of confidence)
  • Either total avoidance of conflict and/or overreaction to conflict or irritating situations (both are states of low energy)
  • Low libido and poor sexual performance/function
  • Brain fog, eye floaters, irritated eyes, weak vision, etc.
  • Compromised cognition (struggle to fully focus in order to get work done)
  • Poor quality sleep (struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night and/or wake up tired and don’t feel rested)
  • Stubborn fat around the midsection
  • Struggle to build muscle
  • Spider veins, cellulite, water retention, and inflammation (often puffy face)
  • Achy joints and tight muscles
  • Unable to relax (chronically tensed)

What causes low Alpha Energy?

I’m here to make you aware of the fact that having low Alpha Energy is not your fault…well, not entirely. Just look at what’s been happening over the years.

What was considered to be pathological mental conditions 50 years ago, is considered normal today.

  • Depression worldwide increased by 18.4% in just 10 years (between 2005 and 2015) and 70% of those with depression suffer from anhedonia.
  • Anxiety increased by 5% from 2017 to 2018
  • The annual U.S. suicide rate increased 24% between 1999 and 2014
  • A 2016 study in adolescents (16–21 years) found persistent problems such as low sexual satisfaction (47.9%), low desire (46.2%), and problems in erectile function (45.3%) (R).
  • A 2020 study found that testosterone deficiency has a prevalence of 10%-40% among adult males, and 20% among adolescent and young adult men aged 15-39 years (R).

The reference ranges for things like testosterone, thyroid, etc., have changed so that low reference ranges are considered to be “normal”.

So what’s changed since then?

Our environment, the food we eat and everything we interact with…

Wi-fi, dirty electricity, chemicals (e.g. pesticides, fungicides, etc.), xeno-estrogens, endotoxins, chronic stress, inflammation, nutrient deficiencies due to poor soil quality (e.g. vitamin D, magnesium, etc), omega 6 intake (seed oils, etc).

All of these things contribute to a progressing decline, not only in testosterone, but also in thyroid, DHT, CO2, dopamine, and just about all good hormones.

Here are just a few studies (out of many) to show how these toxic compounds have a direct negative effect on our hormones.

Nevertheless, it is still in our control to change this. We have the power to do so. It is still possible for us to defy the odds and reclaim our Alpha Energy Male status!

How do you get Alpha Energy?

Modulating your hormones and neurotransmitters, with diet, lifestyle, and supplements are essential steps to getting alpha energy.
Why are these important?

Testosterone and DHT promote the cool, calm confidence of an Alpha male.
DHT is also the only hormone that is linked to the frequency and strength of erections.

Dopamine and noradrenaline is involved in drive, motivation, life-enjoyment, pleasure and more.

Thyroid and ATP are involved in providing you with the energy to do the things you enjoy…that make your wheels turn.

These elements are life givers.

On the other hand, various other neurotransmitters and hormones, such as prolactin, serotonin, cortisol, and inflammation, take our energy and life away from us.
These elements are life stealers.

Life stealers

Life givers

If you’re struggling with low energy, low androgens, low libido, and health issues, then this course is for you!


When things add up

At the end of the day, our daily habits and implementations predict and control our energy and state of being (performance). It either fuels us to be the very best version of ourselves or it takes away from who we are capable of being. And 99% of the time we are capable of so much more than what we realize. We just need to replace time-wasting habits and start implementing the right things that will push us forward in life.

It’s time to unlock your true potential

What you get when you buy this course

This course is divided into 4 main parts.
This enables us to address the 4 major aspects that control our life.

Your gut health and diet are undeniably two of the most important aspects when it comes to optimizing your health and energy.

This section is broken into two categories. Adding the foods that will improve your health and removing the foods that will reduce the quality of your health.

Videos: 17

We all want optimal energy. Most of us experienced what that was when we were children.

Now that we are adults, we don’t have to say goodbye to that state, but we can maintain it to live a highly energetic life.

We need optimal energy to enjoy our lives, and that’s what we want at the end of the day, right? Being able to enjoy our lives.

Videos: 17

Being romantic with your significant other is a very special thing and it’s massive suffering if that aspect suffers.

Optimizing sexual function so that you can maximally enjoy that part of your life is a big part of this course.

Many people who are “healthy”, active, lean, etc., still experience sexual issues. This course addresses why that is and how to fix it.

Videos: 6

Lifestyle, next to diet, has the biggest influence on our well-being and daily performance. Lifestyle is the various habitual things we do or don’t do when we are not sleeping.

This plays a much bigger role than most think.

Not only harmful practices that some do but also highly beneficial practices that most don’t do.

I’ll teach you the most impactful lifestyle tips and tricks to take your life to the next level.

Videos: 11

Total of 51 videos
Total of 4 segments
Total of 3hrs and 30min of content


Course Bonuses

Once you’ve enrolled you will have free access to these course bonuses.

cheat sheet chart

This free pdf cheat sheet chart will give you a great guideline on what foods are most important to have in your diet.

How to use cronometer
video guide

This quick and easy to do video will teach you all you need to know about how to use
cronometer correctly.

More bonuses yet to come!

Why this course is worth every penny

$300 + p/hr$100 p/hr
Discuss selective/limited contentGives you a complete toolkit

My guarantee

I am so confident in this product that I am willing to give you a 12 month money-back guarantee.

Here are the guidelines:
If you implement this course’s information on a consistent basis, you are guaranteed to get results.

But if you’ve implemented this information and haven’t gotten any results after 12 months, I will give you all your money back.

All I will require is to see 12 cronometer screenshots (including macros and micros), at least one for each month, so that I can see you’ve implemented the guidelines that I’ve provided in this course.

I will also be able to see if you’ve finished the entire course and if you’ve completed all the segments.
So my only two conditions (to give you a full refund) are:

  1. That you complete 100% of the course (which I will be able to see)
  2. That you provide me with 12 cronometer screenshots (showing the dates of each) – at least 1 for every month to show that you’ve been implementing my dietary recommendations.

Note: I will also be able to see when you purchased the course and if it was 12 months ago, so there will be no point in trying to fake screenshots and dates.

Sound fair?

I don’t want you to invest in a course that you’re not going to implement.

I want you to be serious about getting results because I know you will succeed if you’re committed.


Will this course be suitable for me if I’m a professional athlete?

Both athletes and coaches have benefited greatly from doing my course.
Seeing as athletes are one of the top kinds of people to deplete their hormones and energy, this course can help them to regain that alpha energy male performance and stress resilience both in life and in sport.

Would it be worth it to buy this course if I don’t have a lot of free time to do it?

Each video is between 2-10min so anyone should be able to do at least 1-2 videos per day.

How long is this course?

This course is divided into 4 main segments with a total of 51 videos which total at 3hrs and 30min of content.

How long do I get access to the course once I buy it?

This course will be available to you for a lifetime. Unless you ask for a refund then you won’t have access to it anymore.

Do I have to work through the course at a certain pace?

There’s no obligation to work at a certain pace. Your access to this course is long-term and you can work through it at your own desired pace.

Final thoughts

Take a quick minute to think back…

Where were you 5 years ago?

Have you been progressing or regressing since then?

Maybe a little of both?

My point is, time flies by quite fast but you can accomplish so much in five years… unless you don’t take action, then those years can go by so fast while you’re life just falls behind yet another five years.

That’s why it’s so important to take action and implement the right info today even if it’s just the addition of one new healthy habit per month.

And that’s what this course is all about… fixing the foundation of your health and implementing healthy habits one step at a time in order to recreate yourself into that Alpha Energy Male.

Become an Alpha Energy Male today!

$ 350.00