Want great boners without Viagra? Try this stack out for size (pun intended)

You don’t need Viagra to get potent boners.

There are great natural alternatives. I serendipitously discovered two supplements that when combined make a very potent boner amplifier and I’d like to share it with you guys.

Quick backstory… we (my wife and I) were using GABA for sleep and then we also got taurine (to use in large doses (3-5g)). As both can help with sleep, we decided to take both before bed.

And as you know, sometimes you plan to go to sleep, but then other things happen instead…if you get what I’m saying…you get what I’m saying, right?

Anyway, the first time I took it I had a strong and long erection (felt even stronger than normal), but at the time I didn’t think it was the supplement combination. I then took off for a day or two from the supplements and then took it again and then started to realize that there was something to this combo as I experienced stronger erections (raging) during intercourse when I took it. It also evidently had a very long-lasting effect as I noticed that I could last longer (even up to 2hrs) with full pleasure and enjoyment without feeling that sudden, over-sensitive urge to orgasm during our action time.

I then also recommended it to a few of my clients and they also experienced the same benefits. But just as a side note/disclaimer, If you’re having sex 2-3 times per day for many days on end without adequate nutrition and sleep, then there will come a time when your man-parts want a rest, despite you taking supplements. And this is totally normal and healthy because rest is crucial.

Back to the main story…

So now I know I’m onto something good and want to share it with more men so that you can try it out and give me feedback on your findings.

But before I end the article right here, I’d first like to discuss the boner-genic actions of GABA and taurine to show why they work so great together. And then at the end of the article, I’ll give a few suggestions on how to make the stack even stronger (and longer…).


This might come as an odd one as GABA is supposed to be sedating and can actually inhibit erections. Well, a little bit of GABA supplementation can inhibit excess sympathetic nerve activity, which is also antagonistic to erections (R). Excess noradrenaline causes sexual anxiety, inhibits erections, and contributes to premature ejaculation.

And do you know what’s the opposite of excess sympathetic nerve activity?

Parasympathetic nerve activity. Acetylcholine is mainly responsible for parasympathetic nerve activity and acetylcholine can help you get a boner. Acetylcholine promotes erections through both nicotinic and muscarinic receptors (R).


Taurine has a couple ways how it can promote erections.


  • Has potential 5-HT1A agonistic properties, which releases dopamine, oxytocin and beta-endorphins, all of which enhance the pleasure we derive from sex. It’s been shown that 5-HT1A agonists enhance sex drive and arousal, but might actually inhibit erections (although this is the opposite of what happens to me when I use taurine).
  • Supplementation restored erectile response as well as histologic and molecular alterations in diabetic rats (R). The histologic and molecular effects of taurine were anti-fibrotic and restored the penis’s expression of endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) and cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP).
  • Is abundant in male testes and supplementation has been shown to increase levels of serum LH and testosterone in aged rats (R).
  • Has been shown to significantly reduce the erection latency and mount latency; obviously increase the erection frequency (a sign of low prolactin or high dopamine and DHT), mount frequency (a measure of libido), intromission frequency, and ejaculation frequency in aged rats (R).
  • Improves the penile relaxation response to acetylcholine (R).
  • Improves NO-mediated relaxations of corpus cavernosum in diabetic rats probably by inhibiting NADPH oxidase/Rho kinase pathways (RhoA/Rho-kinase suppresses endothelial nitric oxide synthase in the penis (R)) (R).
  • Potentially lowers noradrenaline systematically and noradrenaline causes sexual anxiety and inhibits erections (R).

Another interesting aspect of taurine and erections is adenosine and priapism (long and painful boners without any sexual stimulation).

Excessive adenosine signaling is associated with priapism and adenosine stimulates taurine release (through A2A (I couldn’t find anything on A2B, as that’s the receptor responsible for causing priapism)) (R). Although some of you might be thinking of maxing out their adenosine right now, but it’s been found that chronically elevated adenosine causes penile fibrosis (R).

Apart from fibrosis, here is a good summary on adenosine.

Mounting evidence indicates that extracellular adenosine levels increase dramatically in tissues submitted to stressful conditions, such as ischemia, hypoxia, and inflammation. The nucleoside is a potent endogenous modulator of cardiovascular function, neuronal activation, inflammation, and connective tissue repair. However, excessive extracellular adenosine accumulation in the dermis (and in many other locations) may lead to scar progression and fibrosis [12]. Thus, increasing adenosine production in response to stressful stimuli might have a dual modulatory role in tissue homeostasis [13]. While adenosine first acts as an alarm molecule reporting injury to surrounding cells in order to trigger protective responses, persistent accumulation of adenosine may lead to maladaptive organ responses, as observed in chronic inflammation, fibrosis, and/or delayed tissue healing.


As a safer (and better) alternative, inosine might slightly increase adenosine levels and magnesium augments adenosine function (R).

Now onto the stack and how to supercharge it…

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There are plenty of good fitness and diet spruikers on the net but Hans Amato always has the best info and science about test.
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MenElite’s Boner-genic Stack

In terms of dosing, I took/take 1.5g GABA and 3-5g taurine.

Primary stack

  • 1.5g GABA
  • 3g taurine

Supercharged stack

I would love to hear how this stack works for you. I would recommend trying the primary stack out first and then trying the supercharged stack to see what differences/additional benefits you experience.

So try it out and let me know how it worked for you in a comment or here (on this article) or here on the RayPeatForum.

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12 Replies to “Want great boners without Viagra? Try this stack out for size (pun intended)”

  1. Hey Hans,

    How do you take GABA, 1,5 grams once a day or how many doses? Also on empty stomach or with food?

      1. GABA B better or GABA A?

      2. So you take the whole stack with everything included once a day right before bed?

      3. The taurine and GABA are what I take before bed. Some of the other herbs are relatively stimulating and is best taken in the morning. But the taurine and GABA are best taken about 15min before sex.

  2. WHat dosages do you recommend on the mucuna, cistanche, and cordyceps?

    1. It depends on what extract you use and how you respond to it. Generally, 2g of the 20-40% mucuna, 2g of cistanche and 200-600mg cordyceps.

  3. Hey Hans what do you think about blakoe ring to increase testosterone

  4. Hi Hans,
    I have corporal veno-occlusive dysfunction. I cannot, and have never been able to, maintain a standing erection for more than a few seconds and this is while straining to keep it. Once I stop straining, it immediately goes flaccid. The blood doesn’t stay in my penis. This is through masturbation. I also have no libido. Please tell me your thoughts and whether you can help me. Thank you very much.
    Randy B.

    1. Hey Randy,

      Have you checked your estradiol levels before? As well as androgens? How about aldosterone?

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