Niacinamide for Testosterone, DHT and being Alpha

Niacinamide, the key for high NAD+, testosterone, DHT and sexual function… Are NMN and NR ripoffs if you could just use niacinamide? Let’s talk about the benefits of niacinamide! Niacinamide on testosterone At least 3 steroidogenic enzymes use NAD+. This includes CYP450scc (cholesterol side chain cleavage enzyme), 3β-HSD and 17β-HSD3. Supplementing rats with niacinamide reduced … Read more

Bee pollen for erectile dysfunction: the natural sexual booster

Bee pollen is a powerful compound that can potentially skyrocket your sexual desire, give you more energy and sexual stamina and improve your erectile function. Bee pollen is one of the most revered foods in nature. It was called ambrosia, or the life-giving dust and was used, amongst other things, as a tonic to boost … Read more

MK-677 and erectile dysfunction: how to use it correctly

MK-677 erectile dysfunction – Are you trading erections for looking bigger and more ripped? Have you gotten erectile dysfunction from MK-677? In this article, I’m going to show you why MK-677 might cause ED, and how it can actually help with erections as well. What is MK-677 (Ibutamoren mesylate) Ibutamoren is an oral medication, non-peptide … Read more

Acoustic wave therapy for erectile dysfunction: the ultimate guide

acoustic wave therapy for erectile dysfunction

Acoustic wave therapy, also called shockwave therapy, used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is fairly new but yields very promising results. Since 2015, the clinical trials using shockwave therapy for ED have increased significantly. Since the 1980s, shockwaves of different intensities have been used therapeutically in medicine. Although low-intensity shockwave therapy doesn’t have FDA … Read more

Honey for erectile dysfunction: the sexual aphrodisiac food

Since ancient times, honey has been used to improve vitality, sexuality, stamina, sex drive, testosterone and fertility. In Asia, honey and egg yolk are used to improve health and enhance vitality. In Egypt, the traditional use of honey is one of the potential remedies for infertility and vitality enhancement. In the Malay community, they use … Read more