Revealing my testosterone levels (and the truth)

Why haven’t I shared my test results before?

In my personal opinion,

a test result is over-rated as “proof” of being a high T male.

The results one’s clients get, on a regular basis, mean so much more than a test result from me. If my clients get promising results (which they do), it means my methods work. It shows that my methods don’t just work for me, but for every man who has ever put in the effort to follow my advice.

There are 3 criteria of credibility to know if someone actually knows what they are talking about…

The order of these criteria is:
1) They’ve done it themselves
2) They’ve done it for other people
3) They’ve done it themselves and for other people

Over the past decade, I’ve not only done it for myself (and am still proof of my methods) but I’ve also done it for many other men (and still am) whose goal is to maximize their testosterone and quality of life.

If you’d like to read more of my clients’ reviews, be sure to check it out here.

Tests can easily be faked

This isn’t an excuse to not post one’s own test results, however, it is a nuisance when you can tell someone went out of their way to tweak their test result. Some people aren’t suspicious enough about this, but a lot of people (influencers/gurus) fake their test results. One way people try to make it look more legit is to edit it, then have it printed out (sometimes even place it in an envelope), and then take a photo of the paper or take a video of them opening it “for the first time”, to make it look like they just got it back from the doctor. Who would question that, right?

Also, people who can’t tell if you have high T or not, and are demanding proof, will most likely not believe it even when they see a test result. It’s like when people can’t believe you make a lot of money and so they demand to see proof of your income. If they already don’t believe you, they’re most likely not going to believe you after they see it on a piece of paper. They’ll easily say “You faked it.” Again, this is why my clients’ results mean so much more than my own.

It’s easy to “spike” your testosterone massively (temporarily)

Another thing a lot of people don’t know is that it’s actually easy to “spike” your T levels over the reference range just for a test.
This is easily done with specific T-boosting herbs and compounds which will give a boost (artificial spike) in testosterone levels.
This is a technique used by most testosterone “gurus” or people who want to “prove” that they have high androgens. So again, client results are way more reliable than the coach’s test results alone.

Just because you know how to use specific supplements to get high T (short term) doesn’t make you a high androgenic male. If this is your main testosterone-boosting strategy, it actually just proves the opposite. Supplements can help to make you feel and perform better while you’re actually busy implementing what will get you there in the long run, but should never be used as a long-term “solution” (which it isn’t and will fail at). Supplements should rather be thought of as a “bandage” to use while you’re implementing methods to actively heal the wound and regenerate scar tissue. The bandage on its own will not do a good enough job to heal the wound and can over time lead to other problems if the scar isn’t properly attended to.

It’s about a lifestyle, not a once-off test result

The purpose of this article is to try and help people understand that ‘the proof is in the pudding‘ and not just see me as their go-to guy on testosterone because of a once-off test result. My T levels are where they are because I practice what I preach and have been consistent for years. Not just a couple of months, or a few weeks… This is a lifestyle for me. And yes, my clients do get “fast” results. But in order to maintain those results, they have to be consistent; There is no cheating or half-assing to get the benefits of a (natural) high androgenic life.

What levels of testosterone are considered to be high?

I’ve written a couple of articles on testosterone across age and testosterone across race and the average testosterone is between 450-600ng/dl.

If you look at testosterone over age, testosterone is about 450-550ng/dl from 20s to 80s in healthy men.

If you look across race, the average testosterone is 450 to 600ng/dl.

The top 5% is around 800-900ng/dl. Heck, there are even average guys with a T level of 1500ng/dl or Hospital workers with a T level of 1100ng/dl.

I definitely know that I’m not one of those genetic exceptions because my T was pretty much in the dirt when I wasn’t in a healthy state. Even though I didn’t have my T tested when I was at my worst, I know it had to be pretty low, because I had a ton of unhealthy symptoms and didn’t feel good at all, and once I started taking better care of my body, started feeling much better and then had my T tested for the first time, it was around 400ng/dl. So I’m guessing it was quite a bit lower than that.

So from my own experience and also from the experience that I’ve gained, over the years, of working with clients, I know that it’s rather easy to get to the top 5% if you follow the right dietary and lifestyle principles, even with “terrible” genetics. So my point is, you don’t have to blame your genetics or feel that they are your limitation to having high T. Just because some people are genetically blessed with 1000ng/dl while not focusing on diet and lifestyle, doesn’t mean you can’t also get what they have. Even if you have to put in the work for it, who do you think will be better off in the end? Obviously, the guy who actually has a good reason to be dedicated to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Those who are naturally gifted with something often take it for granted, as effort was not required to attaine it.
However, those who work relentlessly, to gain what others are gifted with, will in the end, have it the longest and
appreciate it the most.

– Anya Amato (my wife)

What does it mean to be an Alpha Energy Male?

Being an alpha energy male is synonymous with possessing both high testosterone levels (+ high T traits) and abundant energy.
Consequently, the question arises: “What exactly is the significance of having elevated testosterone and energy levels?”

High T and energy make us feel amazing and power up our motivation, drive, confidence, libido, and sexual function.
Being an alpha energy male means we are enabled (geared/equipped) to become the men that we are meant to be – to live a high, rich, and fulfilled androgenic life.

The bottom line – a life without high T and energy isn’t a life worth living.

This reminds me of the feedback I got from one of my clients, Gerrard…

How high should your T levels be to be an Alpha Energy Male?

It ultimately comes down to symptoms.
The proof is always in the pudding, and when it comes to Testosterone, the proof is always in the symptoms.

Someone can have a T level of 600ng/dl but is lean, builds muscle easily, recovers quickly, has great sexual function, has confidence, etc., and has no low T symptoms. And this is because he has high bioavailable testosterone and sensitive androgen receptors.

Similarly, someone can have over 1000ng/dl but still have all of the symptoms of a hypogonadal man. That’s why I don’t place too much value on numbers.

I always tell my clients that regardless of their current testosterone number, to just focus on how they FEEL.
When sticking to what works (in terms of diet and lifestyle), changes are bound to happen, and high T is a guaranteed result of chasing the FEEL instead of chasing a number.

My clients understand that 600ng/dl is considered a very good place to be. 800ng/dl is great and over 1000ng/dl you become a TestoLord – given that you are consistent with what works and have no low T symptoms.

As long as you just stay consistent, testosterone is bound to go up. Just don’t sweat it and trust the process. And that’s how my clients succeed.

High testosterone traits

The effect of high testosterone is what we’re actually after. We want to boost testosterone because of the way we’re going to feel, look, and perform because of it. Which in essence, is more manly.

High testosterone traits include:

  • Generosity
  • Cooperation
  • Honesty
  • Being fair
  • Low anxiety and depression
  • Elevated motivation, euphoria, and the ability to enjoy things more.
  • Assertiveness and high self-perspective/esteem (meaning you think well of yourself). People tend to only trust and respect confident and assertive individuals and not fearful and low-confident ones.
  • Calm demeanor
  • Better decision making
  • Good verbal memory (which influences how fluently you combine thoughts and speech)
  • Competitiveness, the ability to see opportunities, the desire to go after those opportunities, and the drive to take action. Too many low T men are in the giving-up phase (life is just too bad).
  • More muscle mass
  • Less fat mass
  • Stronger muscles
  • Focus and drive (you know what you want and are working to get it)

How does one reach and maintain high T levels?

The average testosterone is around 450-550ng/dl and the biggest influencing factor is body fat (high BMI and waist-to-hip ratio).

The best thing that you can do to keep your testosterone normal is to not gain excess weight.


  • Eat a nutrient-dense diet
  • Consume balanced macros (protein, carbs and fats) and
  • Avoid foods that cause inflammation for you
  • Optimize sleep
  • Get regular sunlight
  • Be active (lift weights, walk, etc.)

These are the bare basics.

That’s the formula for high T. Not a supplement, pendulum, or weird biohack. Just the basics. Master those, then add other things on top.

Better, more, new is the motto. Make your diet and lifestyle better, then add more of the good stuff, then add new last (if really needed).

Know what to do (I show you what works)

If you’re unsure how your lifestyle and diet should look, what foods to eat, and in what quantities, etc., I can show you exactly what works. I have a whole course (coming soon) on this that will take you through it step by step. My knowledge of what to implement is not only formed by my own experience and experimentation, of a decade but also that of my clients, whom I’ve helped to implement and refine what works according to their capabilities

Implementation (I show you how to do it)

If you don’t know the best and easiest methods to prep, cook, and store food or how to calculate your calories and macros for your goal, I can show you how. The TestoLaunch course (coming soon) explains it all step by step and will make everything very easy and convenient for you.

Be consistent (I make it easy for you)

The key to extraordinary results is to do the right things consistently for an unordinary amount of time.
Think right diet guidelines and lifestyle habits for the rest of your life. I share with you the exact guidelines and frameworks on how to do this easily in the TestoLaunch course (coming soon).

My test results

So of course, I didn’t write this entire article as an excuse to not have to post my own test results. I just want everyone to understand that it’s not (just) about a number. Everyone has this unrealistic expectation of getting super high T once they start doing things right, but the truth is that it does take time. My T is a result of being consistent with what I preach. Otherwise, it would still be where it was when I just started out.

So for everyone who’s still wondering what my T levels are… here they are…

For simplification 43.5nmol/l = 1254ng/dl

If you’re still not convinced that this is my testosterone level results, then that’s OK. The point of this article wasn’t to prove my testosterone levels to you, it was to help you understand that being an Alpha Energy Male is so much more than just a number. And being an alpha energy male means that your body (how you look, feel, and function), and lifestyle become your high T proof, and you don’t need to go around showing a test result to prove your “manliness”.

>1000ng/dl Testosterone: My Step-by-Step Guide on How I Do It Naturally!

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