20 best testosterone-boosting diet plan foods

testosterone boosting diet plan

I’m going to show you the 20 best testosterone-boosting food sources that will have the most powerful impact on increasing low T levels. These foods are also highly recommended if you are on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Any good testosterone diet should have most of these foods in them. If you’re like me who initially … Read more

Oral testosterone: How’s the best way to take it?

Oral testosterone

The clinical use of testosterone for replacement therapy (to boost low testosterone levels) began approximately 70 years ago. Symptoms of low testosterone include: Restoring testosterone can cause a significant improvement in all those areas. Over the decades, numerous testosterone replacement therapy options have been developed primarily focusing on different routes of delivery. Currently, the different … Read more

3 reasons why eating raw bull testicles for boosting testosterone is useless!

Eating raw bull testicles has become a craze these days. I want to share with you 3 main reasons why it’s useless. Animal testicles go by many names: Eating testicles have been done for many centuries to support manhood, increase vitality and enhance sports performance. Famous people doing so include Vince Gironda back in the … Read more

How hypothyroidism affects testosterone, LH, DHT, etc.

hypothyroid testosterone LH DHT

Here is an easy reference guide to see if your steroid panel (LH, testosterone, estrogen, DHT, etc.) is due to low thyroid hormones (hypothyroidism) or not. Thyroid hormones include T4 and T3; the latter being the active hormone. T3 promotes the release of LH and also stimulates the testes directly to produce testosterone. Hypothyroid individuals … Read more

How to become fertile on TRT

It’s well-known that when using testosterone, you have a very high risk of becoming infertile. Thus, a lot of men that still want to have kids now avoid TRT even though they are hypogonadal and suffer as a result. Becoming infertile from TRT is due to suppression of gonadotropins (LH and FSH) with long-acting traditional … Read more

“Boosting testosterone makes me anxious.” Here’s why.

Testosterone supplementation (topical or injection) has been shown to have strong anti-depressant and anti-anxiety effects. However, some people do respond the opposite, where they get anxious as they optimize their testosterone. Why is that? Testosterone via DHT and other 5-alpha-reduced steroids such as androsterone has strong anti-anxiety effects. A few mechanisms include: Related article What … Read more