The only hormone you need to crush fear

Fear is when you are afraid, on edge or feeling uncomfortable in certain circumstances.

It can also make you feel subordinate which makes it easy for others to use/abuse you. Because you’re afraid of what they might do (even if they can’t do much/anything to you).

This fear creates inner tension and anxiety which prevents you from doing everyday tasks normally. It can also make you want to stay at home and go into complete avoidance.

Not much can be done in such a state, especially if you want to grow personally or in your business.

Causes of fear

Fear or any mental condition is caused/worsened by your hormones and neurotransmitters.

Excess glutamate, CRH, estrogen (R), noradrenaline and adrenaline can cause fear and contribute to PTSD and similar milder symptoms.

That’s why things like magnesium, theanine, zinc, clonidine, beta-blockers, etc., are all great against fear.

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The best anti-fear hormone

Instead of addressing all the pathways above, we can specifically increase one pathway that will put a brake on all the above.

That hormone is DHT (dihydrotestosterone).

GABA agonism

DHT by binding to the androgen receptor and also converting to its metabolite 3alpha-diol (GABA agonist) has strong anti-anxiety, anti-fear, anti-avoidance, anti-learned helplessness and anti-freeze effects (R, R).

Other 5 alpha-reduced steroids (such as androsterone and 3alpha-diol), also have strong anti-anxiety and anti-depressant effects, because they are strong GABA agonists.

Activation of androgen receptors

A decrease in androgen receptor density in the hippocampus due to stress results in increased anxiety and impaired learning (R). So this means that some men need higher androgens for it to have a strong anti-anxiety and anti-fear effect. Androgen can also increase androgen receptors.

Lowering serotonin

Testosterone reduces anxiety by lowering serotonin, since serotonin can worsen anxiety for some (R, R). Inhibiting MAO-A, thus increasing serotonin, does enhance anti-social and violent behavior (R)

Increasing dopamine

Testosterone increases dopamine, most likely via conversion to DHT (R, R, R). Dopamine makes you feel good and gives you motivation and drive.

Improves brain blood flow

Testosterone improves blood flow in the brain via activation of the androgen receptors (R).

Enhancing neurogenesis and improve mitochondrial function

DHT enhances neurogenesis and synaptic plasticity (R, R).

It most likely comes down to the fact that DHT is protective to mitochondrial function as that’s where all the action/magic happens. Low mitochondrial function leads to all kinds of issues including cognitive decline. That’s why I focus on the root – optimizing mitochondrial function.

The levels of sex hormones in elderly people decrease with age, and low levels of androgens in older male individuals have been closely linked to the development of cognitive impairment. Basic studies have shown that androgens have neuroprotective effects and that androgen deficiency impairs cognitive function by increasing oxidative stress and decreasing synaptic plasticity, among other effects.” (R)

Androgens can improve the biological activity of cells by increasing the production of ATP in the mitochondria and can also increase antioxidant activity to regulate redox homeostasis, thereby exerting a neuroprotective effect (910). The cerebral vasculature is also the target of androgens, which increase vascular toneenhance angiogenesis and cerebral vascular remodelingreduce vascular damage by attenuating oxidative stress, and maintain the integrity of the blood–brain barrier, thereby exerting additional neuroprotective effects (11). In the hippocampus of the brain, testosterone can improve synaptic plasticity and prevent neuronal cell death. DHT induces circuit modifications by changing the number of excitatory spine synapses in a paracrine manner, which in turn affects the cognitive function of the brain (12).” (R)


For me, DHT is calming and eliminates any fear or uneasiness. It feels like it makes you anhedonic to negative outcomes, such as intimidation, stage fright, caring what others think, etc.

But it doesn’t blunt the good feelings. It feels like a dopaminergic anhedonic. As if your feelings are stoned to fear and anxiety.

DHT also has a motivating factor to it, so that you just do what has to be done and you don’t feel overwhelmed or drained by it.

All in all, very good.

A few ways to increase or experience its effects are via:

  • Proviron
  • Masteron
  • Anavar
  • 11-keto DHT – I use only 1mg in my navel in the mornings and that’s all I need. Powerful stuff.
  • Androsterone
  • Topical DHEA
  • Creatine around a workout
  • Butea superba
  • Tribulus
  • Eating carbs (insulin and IGF-1 increase 5AR)
  • Eating meat
  • etc.

Read here on more ways on how to increase your DHT:

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Achieving Alpha Energy status through a bioenergetic approach.

19 thoughts on “The only hormone you need to crush fear”

  1. The most reliable way to increase 5AR and DHT for me Is caffeine. 2-3 espressos a day make me feel very androgenic which Is good since i don’t really like using exogenous hormones yet ( i’m 19 ).

    Other easy DHT boosters for me are sunlight, dairy , Orange juice and NoFap ( maxinum effects are at day 7 After that they become insignificant ).


  2. GF is strong estrogen dominant, at 38 yrs of age her body looks like a 68. Suggestions?? Trying to get her mostly Ray Peat,difficult!!!

    • Clean up diet, optimize thyroid, restore proper progesterone levels, improve sleep, get lots of sunlight, spend time in nature, maximize NAD levels, etc. Those should be the foundation.

  3. Intersesting article. I’ve been interested in dht and it’s ability to help with high LH . Any help with fear and avoidance would be a hugely beneficial for me too. Is 11 keto dht still available and is it comparable to DHT?

    • 11-keto DHT is equally potent as DHT in terms of AR activation, but 11-keto DHT has a 36-hour half-life, which makes it better imo. It’s still available, just contact Idealabs to arrange it.

    • Andro isn’t a very strong AR agonist as far as I know, but it’s pro-GABA and can help with anxiety and depression. However, it make me irritable over small things. 11-keto DHT is much more calming ime and much stronger. I used 2-4mg andro which was strong in terms of its effects, but only 1mg 11-keto DHT is enough for me to feel its calming effects.


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