Gonadorelin vs HCG: which is best for TRT?

Is the new Gonadorelin better than the true and trusted HCG? HCG is the most well-known compound for directly stimulating testicular function and is used by itself as well as in conjunction with TRT (testosterone replacement therapy). Since 2020, HCG has become very expensive and more TRT clinics and healthcare professionals don’t prescribe it anymore. … Read more

Are androgen receptors increased or inhibited by zinc?

One study in 2018 showed that zinc antagonizes the androgen receptor in vitro in prostate cancer cells. But that does not mean zinc will antagonize the AR in a non-cancerous cell or anywhere else in the body. A more recent 2020 study found that zinc supplementation significantly increased testosterone and androgen receptors in rat prostate … Read more

Shilajit on testosterone, dopamine and sexual function

TLDR Shilajit at 500mg daily helps to increase total (roughly 100-125ng/dl) and free testosterone (19.14%), improve dopamine and sexual function and enhance exercise performance (or at least act as a potent adaptogen and delay overtraining). SHBG There isn’t any direct research on shilajit and SHBG, but shilajit improves liver function. SHBG is produced in the … Read more

Topical DHEA for muscle growth and strength gains

topical DHEA for muscle hypertrophy

DHEA is considered a prohormone and not an actual steroid. Although it does lack anabolic and exercise performance-enhancing effects compared to anabolic-androgenic steroids, it’s still banned by WADA. Despite its lack of anabolic effect, it has many benefits, including assisting in muscle growth in certain circumstances and improving insulin sensitivity. So, do you struggle to … Read more

The only hormone you need to crush fear

Fear is when you are afraid, on edge or feeling uncomfortable in certain circumstances. It can also make you feel subordinate which makes it easy for others to use/abuse you. Because you’re afraid of what they might do (even if they can’t do much/anything to you). This fear creates inner tension and anxiety which prevents … Read more

Outstanding stack for higher libido (and bigger balls)

Testosterone is not the end all, be all when it comes to libido. More correctly, exogenous testosterone (TRT). We’ve all been indoctrinated that testosterone is essential for libido. And it’s true that testosterone is needed, but about a 4th of people on TRT are non-responders. When testosterone fails Have you ever tried all kinds of … Read more

PSSD: The why and the how to get it fixed

PSSD has been considered an incurable disorder, however, that’s about to change. For over 50 years, serotonin-boosting drugs have been used to “treat” depression and other mental disorders. Despite poor results, the “low serotonin hypothesis of depression” keeps on being pursued, fortunately, not as hard as before though (now they’re looking into serotonin antagonists). If … Read more