Gonadin review: the most unique testosterone booster?

Gonadin review

In theory, Gonadin is a really good testosterone booster. Gonadin is a testosterone-boosting supplement sold by IdealabsDC, which was formulated by Georgi Dinkov (Haidut). It works in a different mechanism than other testosterone boosters, which usually contain vitamins, minerals and herbs. Gonadin contains isolated compounds, both natural and synthetic, that can indirectly boost testosterone. It … Read more

Melanotan II vs PT-141: the best peptide for erectile dysfunction

Melanotan 2 vs PT141 Peptides for ED

Men want (and need) amazing sexual intercourse. But erectile dysfunction and low libido are big sex killers. 2 peptides (lots of amino acids strung together) that can help with erectile dysfunction and low libido/desire include Melanotan II and PT-141. They both work via the melanocortin pathway in the brain and nervous system. The melanocortin system … Read more

Why the PUFA and cholesterol in eggs are not a problem

Eggs PUFA cholesterol

Some people hate on eggs due to their high cholesterol and polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) content. Certain individuals think that PUFAs, specifically linoleic acid, are the cause of the obesity epidemic. I agree with the research that seed and nut oil consumption has sky-rocketed in the last 50 years and that it correlates near perfectly … Read more

How to fix a slow metabolic rate: excessive hunger, and low energy

We all know about leptin resistance by now. Leptin speeds up the metabolic rate and lowers appetite. This helps to keep you lean. However, people with obesity have high levels of leptin already. How is that? Leptin resistance. One of the mechanisms by which leptin promotes satiety and energy expenditure is via histamine release in … Read more

Insulin makes you fat? Not so fast

There is currently the carbohydrate-insulin hypothesis of obesity, which basically states that insulin, due to carb intake, makes you fat. There are two sides to this. Insulin secretion from carb consumption Total daily insulin levels Let’s look at the first one. Carbs make you fat due to insulin Before we dive in, we have to … Read more