Does carnivore diet increase testosterone?

“Does carnivore diet increase testosterone?” you might be wondering. Most people that switch to a carnivore diet experience an increase in testosterone. However, here’s the nuance… Scientific evidence the carnivore diet doesn’t lower testosterone Since there are no studies on the carnivore diet and testosterone specifically, we have to look at ketogenic diet studies and … Read more

Sorghum for DHT and being Alpha

Might sorghum be the reason why native Africans have bigger dongs? Sorghum has been shown to stimulate 5-alpha reductase (5AR), which leads to higher DHT. DHT is involved in sexual development as well as sexual function (and much more). Why you want high DHT DHT during puberty is involved in secondary male development such as … Read more

Zinc on testosterone and being an Alpha Energy Male

Zinc is likely the manliest mineral out there. There is a big chance that if you start supplementing zinc or ideally, eating more zinc-rich foods, you’ll experience a boost in testosterone. But zinc is more than just a T-booster. Let’s dive in! Zinc on testosterone and DHT Zinc is one of the most important minerals … Read more

Vitamin A on testosterone and being Alpha

Every male who wants high testosterone needs a good amount of vitamin A. Vitamin A has been shown to increase testosterone and dopamine sensitivity, lower excess cortisol and prolactin and just make you feel good. Vitamin A on LH Increased LH/testosterone ratios, both in basal levels and in the secretory response to GnRH, suggested Leydig … Read more