Insulin makes you fat? Not so fast

There is currently the carbohydrate-insulin hypothesis of obesity, which basically states that insulin, due to carb intake, makes you fat. There are two sides to this. Insulin secretion from carb consumption Total daily insulin levels Let’s look at the first one. Carbs make you fat due to insulin Before we dive in, we have to … Read more

How much does muscle matter for energy expenditure and fat loss

photo of man with muscular body

Since muscle mass is energy-intensive, building more mass should help you lose fat right? Muscle fibers are divided between low and fast-twitch muscle fibers. Slow-twitch muscle fibers have a lot more mitochondria than fast-twitch, meaning they burn more fat at rest. If you list weight, you build both slow and fast-twitch muscle fibers, which should … Read more

Hypo-intellectism: is hypothyroidism the cause?

Part 1 we talked about the importance of proper glucose oxidation. And to optimize glucose oxidation, we need proper thyroid function. You’d be surprised how many mental conditions link back to suboptimal thyroid hormone levels. Brain function and thyroid hormone levels It has been well-known for at least 100 years that both hypo- and hyperthyroidism … Read more

Is aspirin really harmful to the gut (bleeding risk)?

Salicylic acid and its derivatives/metabolites have so many benefits, yet many people have been fearmongered of some “side effects” that aspirin is thought to cause. In this article series I’m reviewing those side effects, look at the evidence and see if it’s real or not. I’ll be addressing: Intestinal bleeding and bleeding risk in general … Read more

The most important organ for longevity

Specific organs are in control of our longevity. Do you perhaps have a gut feeling about this? I think I just gave it away right there. Yes, this one organ has the final say. If you treat it badly, it’s going to make your life miserable. So treat is with respect. Gut health and aging … Read more

The new way of speeding up transit time for amazing bowel health

Transit time is the new pre and probiotic. Transit time determines which bacterial species dominate, and which don’t. It determines your neurotransmitters, mood, oxidative stress, inflammation, neurological health, and just your health in general. Transit time is positively related to fecal pH and tends to be related to methanogen counts (R). Keep in mind, just … Read more