Feel Alpha with this potent androgen (11-keto DHT) and dopamine (Gonadin) stack

Two supplements that I’ve found to be very powerful at getting me in an Alpha Energy state, which I’m not there 100% for whatever reason.

Let me first define the hormones and neurotransmitters that are involved:

Cortisol and prolactin are the two main hormones that take you away from being an Alpha Energy Male.

Androgens, such as DHT, and dopamine take you close to being an Alpha Energy Male.

Cortisol management

Any kind of stress will stimulate the adrenal glands to produce and release cortisol (and catecholamines). Adrenal stimulation in the short term is very helpful for survival, but in the long term it’s detrimental.

Adaptogens typically blunt the release of cortisol, catecholamines and prolactin during stress and enhance adaptability to the stressor.

Chronic stress causes dysfunction of the glutamate, dopamine, serotonin, opioid and endocannabinoid system. This leads to hypogonadism, andehonia, depression, lack of motivation and drive, reduced pleasure and sensation, weight gain, disease, deterioration, etc, etc.

Shutting off the whole adrenal cascade starts in the brain, namely with CRH, then ACTH and then cortisol. Adaptogens generally inhibit the whole pathway.

Another way to lower cortisol is to lower 11beta-HSD1, which converts inactive cortisone to active cortisol. Not a lot of adaptogens inhibit this enzyme specifically.

The strongest supplement I’ve used so far for its adaptogenic effects is Gonadin.

Since using it, there have been a few stressful events that would have triggered an “OH SHIT!!” response, which would then leads to rapid heartbeat, sweaty hands, freaking out, etc.

This one time I left the yard gate open and let our dog out the front door. Since I didn’t know I forgot the gate open, our dogs left the yard into the street after dark. After a few minutes, I went to bring them back in, then noticed the open gate and no dogs. I went to the gate and looked up and down the street. No dogs. My initial reaction was “OH SHIT!!”, but oddly I didn’t freak out. I stayed completely calm, was able to think of a solution immediately and executed it calmly. Soon the dogs were back in the yard. After the experience, my wife asked me: “That must have been stressful?” I focused to feel my heart rate and tried to notice if I had a stress reaction, but nothing. Just calmness. It was amazing.

The other good thing about Gonadin is that it is a strong pro-dopamine, which lowers prolactin. Prolactin is an Alpha killer. It makes you feel unmotivated, too chill, kills your sex drive, makes recovery after an orgasm take forever, etc.

Dopamine on the other hand enhances cognition, problem-solving, creativity, sexual function, motivation, desire, etc. I definitely feel like I can obsess for longer on a specific task if needed. If I need to work, I can keep going for a long time.


DHT is the strongest androgen found in the human body. It has a host of beneficial effects, which you can read more about here.

DHT (via its metabolites, like 3alpha-diol or androsterone) also activates the GABA receptors.

DHT also stimulates the release of dopamine. That’s why it pairs so well with Gonadin.

The right diet and lifestyle are what are necessary to optimize DHT levels. All of which (including supplements) I discuss in the Alpha Energy Male course.

I use about 1-2 mg of 11-keto DHT (which has the same affinity to the AR as DHT, but with a much longer half-life) and notice good benefits. 1mg every other day on the scrotum also has strong effects.

My experience with 11-keto DHT and Gonadin

11-keto DHT:

  • Feels more like an adaptogen. I feel calm, anhedonic to fear, don’t care about things I shouldn’t care about and
  • Increases my libido and makes my erections a tat stronger.
  • Does help keep me more focused in life, but I feel like that’s because it makes you more focused through a “don’t care” scenario, which isn’t bad. It helps you stay focused on what really matters.
  • Does make me feel good, but not in a euphoric kind of way. More in a way because you don’t have many worries.


  • Also has strong adaptogenic effects, but not in the same way as 11-keto DHT.
  • I haven’t noticed higher libido from it, which is something you would expect from a dopaminergic compound. This might be because it doesn’t stimulate the sympathetic nervous system the same way androgens do.
  • The main effect I feel from it is the nootropic benefit, which helps me focus and remain mentally clear for much longer. It feels like fladrafinil (a eugeroic closely related to adrafinil and modafinil) to me.


11-keto DHT and Gonadin.

I don’t notice that strong of a libido-boosting effect from Gonadin vs 11-keto DHT, but Gonadin is a stronger adaptogen IME. They pair very well to give you that perfect Alpha Energy Male combo namely:

  • Confidence
  • Anhedonia to fear
  • Not caring what others think
  • Not being afraid of confrontation

Buy the supps: IdealabsDC.com (contact them for the 11-keto DHT)

8 thoughts on “Feel Alpha with this potent androgen (11-keto DHT) and dopamine (Gonadin) stack”

  1. Hi hans, thank you for your awesome and intuitive content as always,, just wanted to know if 11 keto dht is suppressive to the pituitary gonadal axis in any way, thank you

  2. “Cortisol and prolactin are the two main hormones that take you away from being an Alpha Energy Male.”

    Hans, what are some other ways to lower cortisol and prolactin? I suffer from serious anxiety spikes in the morning not longer after waking up, and I believe this is a cortisol spike due to an abnormal HPA axis (thanks to years of chronic stress). Thanks.

  3. Hi – curious if anyone else has tried this combo and felt extremely exhausted…like almost can’t get out of a bed for several days exhausted sort of like the flu without the fever…I guess it could be a coincidence but was thinking maybe it’s my cortisol crashing? Curious what you think


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