3 reasons why eating raw bull testicles for boosting testosterone is useless!

Eating raw bull testicles has become a craze these days. I want to share with you 3 main reasons why it’s useless. Animal testicles go by many names: Eating testicles have been done for many centuries to support manhood, increase vitality and enhance sports performance. Famous people doing so include Vince Gironda back in the … Read more

Is there something like “the best aphrodisiac”?

Is there something like a perfect aphrodisiac? The number 1 herb that will enable ever-enduring boners, zero refractory period and out-of-control libido? Here are my current thoughts on this topic. Before pharma drugs were invented (drugs like PT-141, viagra, apomorphine, etc.) people used naturally found things of plant and animal origin to boost their libido, … Read more

Is Tongkat Ali a good aromatase inhibitor?

Tongkat Ali has been shown to inhibit the aromatase in vitro, but lead to an increase in total estradiol in vivo. According to this study, 600mg Tongkat Ali with 1.45% eurycomanone didn’t lower estrogen, but actually lead to an increase in testosterone. Testosterone increased from 802 to 926ng/dl after just 14 days and estradiol increased … Read more

Tongkat Ali for increasing testosterone (get the right extract)

Tongkat Ali has been shown to increase testosterone in healthy young men, with already high testosterone. According to this study, 600mg of Tongkat Ali (1.45% eurycomanone; 8.5mg total) increased young (average age 24 years) males’ testosterone from 802 to 924ng/dl in just 14 days. Make sure you get a product specifying eurycomamone content, which seems … Read more

Shilajit on testosterone, dopamine and sexual function

TLDR Shilajit at 500mg daily helps to increase total (roughly 100-125ng/dl) and free testosterone (19.14%), improve dopamine and sexual function and enhance exercise performance (or at least act as a potent adaptogen and delay overtraining). SHBG There isn’t any direct research on shilajit and SHBG, but shilajit improves liver function. SHBG is produced in the … Read more

Kava on testosterone levels; does it affect steroidogenesis

Q: Does kava increase testosterone? A: It likely can, although it has not been directly studied. Kava increases dopamine, which directly and indirectly (by lowering prolactin), can increase testosterone. ——————— Traditionally within the South Pacific, kava extracts are prepared from masticated rhizome roots which are combined with water or coconut milk (R). The stems and … Read more

Daily kratom use on testosterone; can it tank testosterone and spike prolactin?

Kratom testosterone

TLDR: Kratom doesn’t lower testosterone in most people even in doses up to 9g daily. Kratom is commonly used as a painkiller and people also use it to wane off opioids or alcohol. In more recent years, people have been using it to chill out, feel better, help manage stress and even help with productivity. … Read more