Sorghum for DHT and being Alpha

Might sorghum be the reason why native Africans have bigger dongs?

Sorghum has been shown to stimulate 5-alpha reductase (5AR), which leads to higher DHT.

DHT is involved in sexual development as well as sexual function (and much more).

Hans here! I increased my testosterone to 1254ng/dl and have been maintaining high T naturally. I’ve turned myself into an Alpha Energy Male.

An Alpha Energy Male with high energy, fast recovery, high sex drive, and confidence.

This is why I research obsessively, experiment and write, and have been doing so for the past decade.

Hope you enjoy and join me on this journey.

Why do we want to be an alpha energy male?

Being an alpha energy male is synonymous with possessing both high testosterone levels and abundant energy. Consequently, the question arises: what exactly is the significance of having elevated testosterone and energy levels?

Because high T and energy make us feel incredible and powerups our motivation, drive, confidence, and sexual function.

A life without high T and energy isn’t a life worth living.

Why you want high DHT

DHT during puberty is involved in secondary male development such as beard growth, pubic hair growth, penis and testicular growth.

During adulthood, DHT:

  • Enhances libido
  • Improves erections
  • Shortens refractory period
  • Helps against depression and anxiety
  • Gives you a harder, leaner look
  • And more

Sorghum on DHT

According to this in vitro study (using human prostate cancer cells), sorghum crude extract increased DHT by 54.71% (whereas rice bran inhibited it by 92.73%) (R).

As I mentioned in the tweet above, the inhibitory effect of the tested substances was due to linoleic acid content (an 18-carbon chain polyunsaturated fat).

The more linoleic acid 5AR was exposed to, the stronger the inhibitory effect.

Key takeaways:

  • Sorghum stimulates 5AR type 1, which can lead to higher DHT.
  • Linoleic-rich foods likely inhibit 5AR

Top 7 ways how to consume sorghum

#1 Sorghum bread

Regular bread made from wheat can actually lower some people’s testosterone DHT and cause androgen resistance.

Gluten sensitivity can dramatically lower DHT and cause androgen resistance (RR).

The average DHT levels decline from 98ng/dl to 54ng/dl with age (R). Men with Celiac disease have the same level of DHT as an 80-year-old man even without villous atrophy. DHT declines further as the villous atrophy.

If you really MUST have bread in your diet, try out sorghum bread. It contains no gluten and can actually help boost DHT.

If you’re in the US, you can buy sorghum bread here or make your own using sorghum flour.

#2 Sorghum porridge

In the same way, you would enjoy warm oats or Pronutro, you can enjoy warm sorghum porridge. For extra flavor, you can add honey/maple syrup/sorghum syrup, cinnamon or fruit.

You can buy sorghum flour here.

#3 Sorghum syrup

Sorghum syrup is produced in the same way molasses is produced from sugar cane. Therefore it contains all the DHT-boosting benefits.

Instead of using honey, sugar or maple syrup, use sorghum syrup in or on your food.

You can buy it here, here and here.

#4 Sorghum pancakes

Some people like a nice treat in the morning/over the weekends and what better way to treat yourself than with sorghum pancakes/waffles?

Use the same recipe you’d use to make pancakes/waffles and just use sorghum instead.

To double whammy this, throw some sorghum syrup over it instead of maple syrup.

#5 Sorghum popcorn

Yep, you can pop sorghum into popcorn just as you would corn. Cool heh?


  1. Place whole sorghum grain in a paper bag and fold the top down.
  2. Lay the bag flat in the microwave with the fold face down.
  3. Heat on high for 2-3 minutes (depending on microwave) or until there are more than 10 seconds between pops.
  4. Remove from microwave and sprinkle lightly with salt or toppings of choice.

You can buy whole sorghum grain here.

As a nice treat, you can also do sorghum cookies

#6 Sorghum extract

Life Extension offers a blood sugar control supplement with sorghum extract (providing 270 mg proanthocyanidins) that you can buy here.

#7 Sorghum beer

Beer is made from grain and they use sorghum grain and syrup to make sorghum beer. There are many places you can buy from online, so I’m not going to list them here.

So next time, instead of having a gluten-enriched estrogenic beer, have an androgenic sorghum beer instead!

#8 Sorghum maccheroni

Like regular maccheroni, but with sorghum.

Tastes is nice! And warming up after eating it, I like it!” – Mufasa

Buy here.


It’s easy to add sorghum to your DHT boosting protocol. The easiest (laziest) way is likely just by adding sorghum syrup. If you have a little more time and like baking, try making bread, waffles or porridge.

You can also add 1 tbsp of sorghum flour to your smoothies, but the quantity will likely be too low to have a significant impact. Aim for 1 cup of flour daily or 2-4 tbsp of syrup.

Check out the following articles and video about the importance of DHT:

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2 thoughts on “Sorghum for DHT and being Alpha”

  1. Hi hans,
    interesting mechanism. i wasn’t aware of the relatively high rate of 5ar turnover in this specific type of millet. A few years back i consumed millet as an experimental / alternative carb source. the millet consumption affected my thyroid hormone turnover negatively. Sorghum is a form of millet, i wonder if you or someone other noticed anything.

    I guess if you want the benefits of this high 5ar turnover by sorghum, you may have to consume it on a more regular basis. thyroid function in general i believe has a more pronounced leverage effect on all hormones in a positive way. I guess it is detrimental in the long run to sacrifice general thyroid function over boosting 5ar. there is so much in scientific research papers, but i guess there is not enough field testing done to confirm it.

    What are your thoughts about this?


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