Androsterone review. My unbiased, unpaid for review of androsterone

Before I begin, I just want to say that I am not affiliated with the company that sells this product, or any company that sells androsterone, and I am not getting paid for making this review. I just want to point out how this supplement helped me and to help others making decisions on what supplements might be beneficial for them and if this supplement might help them with similar issues.

Androsterone is a pro-hormone and pheromone naturally occurring in the body. It is a weak androgen with a potency that is approximate 1/7th that of testosterone, but the cool thing about androsterone is, that it is synthesized into DHT via a backdoor pathway. Androsterone is converted into DHT from 3α-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase and 17β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase, bypassing conventional intermediates such as androstenedione and testosterone, and as such, can be considered to be a metabolic intermediate in its own right.

Androsterone has been extensively studied in the early and middle 20th century and has numerous health benefits, not just because of its conversion into DHT. Currently, androsterone is mostly forgotten and is mainly known in the bodybuilding community.

Here are a few of androsterone’s benefits:

  • anti-tumor (1)
  • anti-proliferative (2)
  • sedative, anti-depressant, pro-GABA (3, 4)
  • very potent anti-aromatase, even stronger than DHT itself (5). 2-3mg is enough to suppress aromatase by 90% (6). It’s almost as strong as Aromasin (exemestane) and they have very similar structures. 
    Androsterone comparison
  • anti-convulsant (7)
  • thyroid mimetic, and therefore boosts metabolism by increasing basal temperature, oxygen consumption and lowers lipid levels in humans (8)
  • increases insulin sensitivity (9)
  • anti-adrenaline, anti-cortisol (GABA inhibits cortisol), pro-dopamine and anti-prolactin (10)
  • activates FXR, which increase bile release plus a whole lot of other actions (11)
  • Increases BDNF and is brain protective (12)
  • vasorelaxant (13)

I fine-tuned my dosage at 4mg per day. 2 drops per day is pretty mild, but still enough to feel the effect and 5 drops being to stimulating and taking my body temperature rather high. I put 1 drop (1mg) on each nipple, and then the remaining 2 drops elsewhere on my body, for e.g. my upper chest, lower abs, shoulders, etc. I also take it earlier in the day as taking it too close to bedtime will keep me awake.

Here is what I noticed after just 2 weeks of consistent usage.

  • Increase in assertiveness (such as not tolerating inconvenient stuff), but also easier agitated.
  • Increase in energy, alertness, mental clarity and focus (definitely kept me awake when I took it a couple of times before bed)
  • Poofy nipples are a thing of the past, even when I’m getting hot, or when they are completely relaxed
  • Clearer vision and fewer eye floaters (sign of lower cortisol)
  • A slight increase in vascularity and muscle tone after a few days and my muscles do feel fuller and harder. (lower estrogen and cortisol)
  • A noticeable increase in strength
  • Definitely helping me to maintain/increase strength and size while cutting
  • Stress reaction when I don’t take it with enough food, as it speeds up metabolism and needs an increase in glucose
  • Increase in temperate (5 drops made me get uncomfortably hot)
  • Definite increase in beard growth speed and density
  • More chest hair growth (more like a side effect in my opinion though haha)
  • Faster nail growth (sign of faster metabolism)
  • Increase in libido

I will definitely be buying this supplement again and feel it was great value for money. I have used only androsterone during this period and no other supplements and I have not dramatically changed my diet, so I know the benefits came from this supplement.

You can get the androsterone that I used here:

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14 thoughts on “Androsterone review. My unbiased, unpaid for review of androsterone”

  1. Hi hans!
    Did you use andosteroe diluted in MCT/Tocopherols or diluted in ESTER SFA?
    After reading I’m interested to use this product… 😀

      • Hello brother Hans. I’m really interested in using Androsterone, before buying it I was wondering if, me being a 19 year old young man, this would mess up any last development in my body (shut me down, make me dependant?) I’m just trying to boost my androgenicity as much as I can, take advantage of this last growth spurt I’m going through. Thank you in advance, and for everything you’ve taught me.

      • Hi man. It all depends on the dose you’re going to use. If it’s 5-10mg orally, it shouldn’t really suppress you and you should be all good.

  2. Hi! Thanks for expressing your opinion. I was always against steroids and would never use them, but after reading your post, I’m interested in prohormones. However after a little bit of research I found out that they are potentially very dangerous. And after thinking avout it, it is after all messing up with your endocrine system, I’m still interested in the topic but much less enthusiastic… what is your opinion? Do you have to cycle it off like steroids?

    • Hey.
      I’m also against the use of anabolic and androgenic steroids, but the use of small amounts of pro-hormones, such as pregnenolone, DHEA, androsterone, etc., can be safe and actually very beneficial. Pregnenolone is probably the safest prohormone of them all, followed by DHEA and progesterone. There are prohormones that do have more side effects than others, but pregnenolone, DHEA and progesterone is the safest.
      The way I use prohormone is in very small amounts, below 10mg, and only after something stressful, like a workout. You cannot cause suppression with such small amounts, and the risk of throwing your hormones out of balance is almost non-existent. In studies, very large doses of prohormones are usually used, between 50-500mg+, and are generally very safe without side effects. But it’s definitely best to stick to small doses only.
      I’m planning on writing about prohormones in the future so keep an eye out for that.

  3. Thank you so much for your answer, you’re giving out so much information unlike so many mainstream health “gurus”, seems that you actually know what you’re talking about. Good, I will probably try using prohormones in future, right now I have to come back to training, proper nutrition and suplementation since I’ve been living very unhealthy and stressful life lately, excited for that.
    Take care!

  4. Good morning Hans, I’m actually really interested in this product. Are pro-hormones / pheromones legal to order from the source you mentioned?

    • Hey man. I’m not sure if it’s legal in your country, but the product is for research use only and it’s not scedule 3 illegal like testosterone.
      For example, DHEA is “illegal” in my country but we recieved it after ordering some from iHerb.

  5. I ordered this stuff and took the recommended dose of 4mg but I think it tanks my estrogen i.e soft erections although the sex drive is there, apart from that I feel great and do notice the antidepressant effects and lowering of cortisol as well as raised dht like deeper voice. Any advice? I dont want to lower the dose as I want the other effects to remain

  6. Hi Hans,
    When you used andro, did the puffy nipples take some time to go away? Mine became much less puffy almost immediately after the first use (direct application to nipples), but it only lasted about an hour and they went back to puffy. Should I keep applying every day for a couple of weeks and see what happens? Did yours go back to puffy when you stopped andro? Thanks man.

    • They made the best progress when I focused long term on my health and optimizing my T, etc. Perhaps focus on eating foods and using specific supps to lower E2 and increase DHT.


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