Is Tongkat Ali a good aromatase inhibitor?

Tongkat Ali has been shown to inhibit the aromatase in vitro, but lead to an increase in total estradiol in vivo.

According to this study, 600mg Tongkat Ali with 1.45% eurycomanone didn’t lower estrogen, but actually lead to an increase in testosterone.

Testosterone increased from 802 to 926ng/dl after just 14 days and estradiol increased from 48 to 62.8pg/ml. Free testosterone increased from 9.4 to 12.6pg/ml, which could explain the increase in estradiol, but this just indicates that Tongkat Ali didn’t inhibit aromatase.

This in vitro study (R) found that eurycomanone inhibited the aromatase, however, if estrogen still goes up even if it does inhibit the aromatase, it’s definitely not a good aromatase inhibitor.

Now keep in mind that everyone can respond differently as there is a lot of individual variability. Some people do experience a decrease in estradiol when they use it, but the above study showed that, on average, estradiol didn’t go down in that specific population of men at that specific dose.

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