DIM: good aromatase inhibitor or male toxin?

DIM is more likely to castrate you than help with estrogen. DIM is meant to help lower excess estrogen, but it has a dark side. Let’s dive in. Quick background on DIM Cruciferous vegetables contain glucobracissin, which is converted to I3C and ultimately acid-catalyzed to an I3C dimer (better known as DIM). On average, 100 g … Read more

Is Tongkat Ali a good aromatase inhibitor?

Tongkat Ali has been shown to inhibit the aromatase in vitro, but lead to an increase in total estradiol in vivo. According to this study, 600mg Tongkat Ali with 1.45% eurycomanone didn’t lower estrogen, but actually lead to an increase in testosterone. Testosterone increased from 802 to 926ng/dl after just 14 days and estradiol increased … Read more

How to make sure you detox estrogen effectively

The estrogenic burden is an ever increasing concern in modern life. We’re constantly exposed to estrogenic substances, whether it be natural (soy, flax, clover, polyunsaturated fats, soot, etc.) or synthetic (such as red colorants, plastics, cosmetics, deodorants, etc.). Our bodies need to get rid of those substances or it can build up and we become … Read more

Lower excess estrogen: a 16 step guide

Did you know that estrogen is not only female hormone? Men can actually have equal and in some cases higher levels of estrogen than women. Men should naturally have lower levels of estrogen, and in this article, I’ll show you have to achieve that. There is three ways we can lower estrogen and inhibit it … Read more

Men don’t need female hormones for fat loss

There has been a resurgence of estro-philes (estrogen lovers) lately who have been actively parading the internet from nook to cranny, aggressively throwing studies around to try and prove the essentially of estrogen for fat loss. Like really, let’s not get hyper-emotional about this.  I’m not trying to say estrogen is not needed at all, … Read more

Increase estrogen detoxification through the liver

Estrogen is the opposite of the manly hormones, namely DHEA, testosterone and DHT. Men are thought to have way less estrogen than women, but in reality, some men have equal amounts and even higher than some women. This increase in estrogen can be seen as a result of reduced mitochondrial function, liver problems, sluggish thyroid, … Read more

14 Ways to Decrease and Inactivate Estrogen Receptors

Lowering estrogen can be done via a variety of methods, such as inhibiting the aromatase, increasing estrogen detoxification, and inhibiting/decreasing estrogen receptors. If lowering estrogen seems like “mission impossible”, try lowering its receptors. High Estrogen symptoms include: Blocking estrogen receptors will be a great way to reduce estrogenic symptoms, while you focus on improving the root … Read more