How hypothyroidism affects testosterone, LH, DHT, etc.

hypothyroid testosterone LH DHT

Here is an easy reference guide to see if your steroid panel (LH, testosterone, estrogen, DHT, etc.) is due to low thyroid hormones (hypothyroidism) or not. Thyroid hormones include T4 and T3; the latter being the active hormone. T3 promotes the release of LH and also stimulates the testes directly to produce testosterone. Hypothyroid individuals … Read more

The easiest way to optimize DHT (thyroid optimization)

DHT is created from testosterone via 5-alpha reductase (5αR). DHT is our most potent androgen and is responsible for many of the benefits of testosterone. You also get 5-beta reductase (5βR), which creates 5β-DHT and other β reduced steroids. We don’t want to be betas, we want to be alphas. 5α-DHT has the strongest androgenic … Read more

How to interpret your thyroid test results to get rid of hypothyroid symptoms for good!

I want to share a secret with you… and the secret is the reason why your thyroid hormones, either your own or supplemental, aren’t working. There are about 7 main reasons why you’re having thyroid issues. You’re not secreting enough TSH (this is pretty rare) Your thyroid is not creating enough thyroid hormones in response … Read more

Thyroid and testosterone production

How does your thyroid status affect your androgen levels? The thyroid produces two hormones, namely T4 and T3. T4 is converted to T3 via the deiodinases enzyme and T4 levels are always higher than T3 levels. T4 is just considered as a pro-hormone, as it’s converted to T3, which is the active hormone. T3 binds with … Read more