The top exercise for latissimus dorsi thickness

Some may think that wide lats are everything. “Must increase that wingspan…” Well, wide lats, but with no thickness look terrible. I’m specifically referring to the lats, and not the entire back in this article. Nice thick lats will give you that ‘lip’ at the lower lat where it connects with the lower back.

Mohamed makkawy


How do you build it, you might ask… Not with normal rows or pulldowns, but with a rather unusually exercise called the Low pulley rowing from the racing driver position.


How to do it

For this movement, use a pulley about 16” off the ground, or you can alternatively use a seated row machine. For the pulley, you will maintain a standing position, but you will bend over, so that the abdominals touch the thighs and remain in contact during the entire movement. Take the bar with a shoulder-width grip and start with your body parallel to the ground and with your head between your arms (stretching lats fully). As you row backwards (start with your back and not your arms), come more upright, but never more than the 45⁰ forward angle. Touch the bar to your lower chest and arch your back backwards, pulling your shoulders back and down for a maximal lat contraction. Keep your elbows out wide during this movements.


Do this movement controlled and no jerking, but do it 1-2 seconds for the concentric movements, pause/squeeze for 1 second and the return for 1-2 seconds.

As you do this exercise, visualize where you want your muscle to grow and how you feel this exercise in that area. I like to keep my eyes closed to perfect visualization.

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