“Healthy” fitness equals low testosterone (and other health issues)

“But he’s so fit!” “His heart rate is 40bpm!” “He can run a mile close to 4 minutes!” “He’s done over 10 marathons!” “He is below 10% bodyfat!” “How could something like that have happened to someone so fit and healthy?” This is the typical reaction most people give when someone, who’s known for their … Read more

Top 3 exercises to make that posterior deltoid pop

In order to completely develop your deltoid, giving it that capped, full, round look, you have to maximally develop each head of the deltoid. Most people already focus too much on pressing movements for the anterior head, and lateral raises for the lateral head and then completely neglect the posterior head of the delt, or … Read more

Get bigger lower biceps with the preacher curl

The preacher curl works the lower bicep like no other exercise, due to the elbows being forward, there is always tension on the muscle, especially the lower part. But the preacher curl should not be performed as you might know it. Machines are useless, so don’t use them. You probably wouldn’t have seen the preacher … Read more

The top exercise for latissimus dorsi thickness

Some may think that wide lats are everything. “Must increase that wingspan…” Well, wide lats, but with no thickness look terrible. I’m specifically referring to the lats, and not the entire back in this article. Nice thick lats will give you that ‘lip’ at the lower lat where it connects with the lower back.   … Read more

How to get a thicker and wider upper back: Seal rows

Wouldn’t you agree that a wide back is definitely very necessary to compliment that V-taper? It might come to a surprise to some, but a wide back is not due to large latissimus dorsi muscles, but to well-developed teres major. You can do pull-ups or pulldowns till you are blue in the face, but if you’re … Read more

How to build the long head of the tricep: overhead rope tricep extension

The best way to make your triceps bigger is to develop/grow the long head of the tricep. That’s the head that gives your tricep that mass on the backside. It stands out the most remarkable during the side tricep pose, with beautiful synergy with the lateral head of the tricep on the double back bicep … Read more