Testodren T-booster review: Unveiling the Most Potent Fenugreek Extract Ever

For centuries, fenugreek has flexed its muscle in the realms of wrestling, strongman feats, and athletic prowess, captivating the fitness world with its potent ability to fortify the body and supercharge physical performance.

Beyond its esteemed status in empowering the weak, this herb has a myriad of other benefits as well.

In this article, I’m specifically going to analyze Testodren which contains the specific Fenugreek extract called Furosap. Furosapยฎ, a patented 20% protodioscin-enriched extract was developed from fenugreek seeds.

Furosap has been shown to have beneficial effects on total and free testosterone, fertility, libido and erections, improving strength, muscle mass, athletic performance and more.

Let’s dive in.

Hans here! I increased my testosterone to 1254ng/dl and have been maintaining high T naturally. I’ve turned myself into an Alpha Energy Male.

An Alpha Energy Male with high energy, fast recovery, high sex drive, and confidence.

This is why I research obsessively, experiment and write, and have been doing so for the past decade.

Hope you enjoy and join me on this journey.

Why do we want to be an alpha energy male?

Being an alpha energy male is synonymous with possessing both high testosterone levels and abundant energy. Consequently, the question arises: what exactly is the significance of having elevated testosterone and energy levels?

Because high T and energy make us feel incredible and powerups our motivation, drive, confidence, and sexual function.

A life without high T and energy isn’t a life worth living.

Fenugreek on testosterone

Fenugreek in general has been shown to increase testosterone.

Compiling all of the studies, the average increase in testosterone was 67ng/dl. Some got as low as a 31ng/dl increase and others a 124ng/dl increase on average. Also, some people are more likely to be responders and non-responders. Someone might get a 0 increase whereas another might get a 500ng/dl increase from the same supplement.

Furosap increases total and free testosterone

There are 3 studies that show that Furosap can increase testosterone.


In this 2017 study, Furosap increased free testosterone levels by 46%, while increasing total testosterone by only 30ng/dl (R).


500mg Furosap supplementation increased T from 546 to 670ng/dl (a 124ng/dl increase (22.7%)) in young men aged between 18โ€“30 years (R). Not bad.๐Ÿ‘


500mg Furosap significantly increased free and bound testosterone levels over 12โ€‰weeks (I can’t get specific numbers sorry) (R). Mental alertness and mood also significantly increased.

Although Furosap can increase free testosterone, it’s not close to the 72.87% claimed by PrimeGenix.

Furosap helps you sculpt your muscles!

In the 2018 study where Furosap increased testosterone by 124ng/dl, it also increased lean body and fat-free mass, whereas the placebo group experienced a decrease (R).

Other studies have also found that fenugreek supplementation significantly improved muscle strength, repetitions to failure (muscle endurance), submaximal performance index, lean body mass, and reduced body fat (R).

Fenugreek with creatine supplementation improved creatine uptake without the necessity of high carbohydrate intake. Hence, fenugreek extracts can be a helpful natural supplement and ergogenic aid for athletes (R).

Furosap boosts your mojo and supercharge your performance in the bedroom

Furosap specifically has been shown to increase libido and reflex erections (erection on touch or due to erotic thoughts).

Other extracts of Fenugreek have also been shown to increase libido. Testofen more than doubled weekly erections and sexual frequency (R). It’s likely that Furosap will have similar effects.

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Furosap Boost Your Baby-making Abilities ๐ŸŒฑ

Multiple studies have shown that Fenugreek can greatly increase sperm count as well as sperm health (R).

Furosap supplementation has been shown to (R):

  • Almost double sperm count from 49 to 88.3 million/ml and
  • Reduce abnormal sperm morphology from 39.4 to 15.4%.

This means that you better start doing better birth control planning while on Fenugreek.๐Ÿ˜†

Will you feel Furosap working?

Yes definitely.

All the studies using Furosap reported that the majority of the subjects enrolled in the studies had a boost in mental alertness, mood, libido, reps to failure and strength (R). Fenugreek also has strong anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, pro-stress resilience and mood-uplifting effects (R).

Those are the things that really matter, don’t they?

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PrimeGenix claims that Testodren can

  • Boost Energy Levels
  • Improve Focus & Concentration
  • Build Muscles Faster
  • Increases Strength & Stamina
  • Easier Weight Loss

Can it help with that? Yes.

Testodren is a good Fenugreek extract that will help to:

  • Increase testosterone
  • Increase libido
  • Improve mood and mental alertness
  • Increase erectile frequency and response

Buy Testodren here.

However, always be realistic. Will it give you steroid-like results? Far from it. But it will still give you a boost.

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