Does carnivore diet increase testosterone?

“Does carnivore diet increase testosterone?” you might be wondering. Most people that switch to a carnivore diet experience an increase in testosterone. However, here’s the nuance… Scientific evidence the carnivore diet doesn’t lower testosterone Since there are no studies on the carnivore diet and testosterone specifically, we have to look at ketogenic diet studies and … Read more

Free testosterone levels by age: what to do about it

Free testosterone levels by age might be on the decline. We know that free testosterone and bioavailable testosterone are key for feeling androgenic. You can have all the testosterone in the world, but if you’re body can’t use it, then it’s no good. In my previous article, I showed that total testosterone doesn’t necessarily decrease … Read more

Vaping and Testosterone: negative or positive?

Vaping and testosterone – a connection that’s more complex than it appears. It’s not just about blowing clouds or chasing flavors. It goes beyond the surface level, having repercussions on our well-being that we’re only starting to recognize. The conversation around vaping often revolves around its role as an alternative to traditional smoking. But what … Read more

Testodren T-booster review: Unveiling the Most Potent Fenugreek Extract Ever

For centuries, fenugreek has flexed its muscle in the realms of wrestling, strongman feats, and athletic prowess, captivating the fitness world with its potent ability to fortify the body and supercharge physical performance. Beyond its esteemed status in empowering the weak, this herb has a myriad of other benefits as well. In this article, I’m … Read more

Vitamin B6’s Impact on Testosterone Levels and Unlocking Your Alpha Potential

Devoid of vitamin B6, your testosterone and dopamine levels plummet, dragging down your Alpha status. You’re left grappling with anxiety, struggling to glimpse the brighter side of life. Sleepless nights, stress sensitivity, and soaring prolactin levels may follow suit. It’s a scenario no man desires! Allow me to unveil the transformative potential of vitamin B6 … Read more